Cost-Efficient Facebook Marketing for Small Business

facebook marketing for small businessesA key element to making when it comes to any sort of business is marketing. One important channel for spreading the word about your business is Facebook, but how can you use Facebook in an efficient way? Let’s have a look at some tips on a tool that can help you.

The tool is called Qwaya. This Facebook campaign tool is one of very few companies world-wide that has access to Facebook’s API directly. This means that is always up-to-date with changes within the community. How can you now use such a tool to your advantage?

About Qwaya and Its Interface

Qwaya comes in two different packages, one basic and a premium one. With the basic one you get most of the functionality and features. The big difference between the two models is the number of ads you can run per week. The number of ads is what makes a tool like Qwaya really handy when it comes to Facebook marketing. You see, if you are running the ads manually you will have to keep track of what ads you are running, and when. Also, if you want to run campaigns for different websites at the same time you will need to log in and out all the time. Qwaya lets you connect several campaigns and Facebook accounts to the same Qwaya account.

Through the interface in the system you can have total access and control of what ads you are running and at what time. There is also a scheduling feature which allows you to start, pause and stop the ads as well. Say that you are running a business that doesn’t receive any traffic (for natural reasons) during night time, well then there is no need for you to show the ad at that time. This means that you can through the system pause the ad and set it to start again at a later time, saving you money and wasted ad time.

Experiment with Facebook Ads

facebook marketing experimentAs with any sort of ads it’s really important to A/B test them towards different demographics. Here’s also something really neat with the Qwaya system – If you provide a couple of images, titles and body content, the system can create combinations that you can try out and tweak towards your particular audience.

So, now you have a system to work with, what else should you think about? Well here are some pointers:

Never take your audience for granted – Dare to try to reach different types of demographic audiences. You will be surprised that what you might think is your target group is in fact much bigger and wider.

Are you driving traffic to your Facebook page or website? If you are driving traffic to your Facebook page it is important to have a well-built presence there with stuff happening. Say that you are running a business with products that people might have questions about, be active and answer all of them! This get activity on the page and people feel that there is a real company behind the page. If you are driving traffic to your website, think of creating pages with clear and direct converting elements (if that is your aim with the ad). The worst thing would be to run an ad on Facebook and driving the click-throughs to a page with too much information which means that you will lose out on the conversion.

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Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.