Four Dating Apps for iPhone

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As Sir Paul McCartney so succinctly stated ‘all of the lonely people, where do they all come from’? Perhaps some things are better left unknown. With people moving from place to place, city to city and beyond, the cards are stacked against meaningful interaction. The best chance for a world of shut-ins is to break out and score a digital date with one of these four apps.


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Zoosk is a social network app geared towards romance. It is available in 23 languages, some that I never even heard of. Singles will like the in depth profiles that help start the ball rolling and the access to millions of potential dates. Zoosk offers special features for couples to record the details of their relationship in meaningful ways. The shared profile for a couple is very romantic and encourages monogamy. The app is free to use though to get the most out of it users will want to subscribe in order to access the premium features.


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Skout does what the name implies. It runs out into the online wilderness and grabs you a hot date from the millions of fellow singles in its data bank. Computer dating is here so program in your deepest desires and watch the continuum spew out your perfect match. There is no nudity allowed on the site but I suppose that you guys and gals can catch up on that in due course. Seven languages are supported and it may even be true that it might be better not to speak the same language as your date. Look at how well it worked for Ricky and Lucy Ricardo.

Dating DNA Free

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Dating DNA Free may be the closest thing since the sixties to embody the principle of free love. This app offers no in app purchases and there is only one simple upgrade available for $4.99 with no monthly charges. The compatibility of your potential mate is assured via its in depth profiling. Dating DNA Free’s message logging feature keeps a history of all of your conversations so that you won’t confuse that blonde with the redhead. The app’s community feature weeds out the weirdos and pervs so I guess you’ll have to meet me elsewhere.

DateHookup Dating

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DateHookup Dating is a completely free service with no hidden charges. The price is right so set up your profile and start dating. No need to be a wall flower, just download DateHookup and you’ll be beating your potential suitors off with a stick. But make sure that you are at least seventeen. This app is only available in English. Converse with possible dates before you meet in the chat room. With millions of hits a month someone is bound to hit on you. So make sure that you vacuum your car’s carpet and put on a clean shirt.

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