iPhone Apps for National League Eastern Division Baseball Fans

baseball eastern league division iphone

Welcome to the second installment of lists of iPhone apps that you need to follow your favorite baseball team to glory or to that proverbial agony of defeat. Thanks to the many readers who have made this series the awesome success that it is. It ain’t over until it’s over. So ignore the naysayers and root for your team until every statistical probability is exhausted. That is the way of the true baseball fan. It is about hope and optimism. These apps will give you the low down on the home town boys of summer.

Braves Ball 1.0

braves ball iphone

Braves Ball 1.0 is the way to go to get all of the data that you so earnestly desire about the Braves. It has been a while since that stretch of 14 first place finishes out of 15, when Braves fans were plenty spoiled. Back in 1991-2005, the Atlanta baseball fan could sit back fairly unconcerned for the regular season, secure in the knowledge that their overpowering pitching would always carry the day over their opponents. Braves fans are probably not quite so self assured these days. Braves Ball 1.0 will go a long way towards reassuring fans of the team with the empowering knowledge of statistics. In the current Fredi Gonzalez era fans need to step up to the plate themselves to encourage their Braves to be, well, brave.

The Nats Blog

the nats blog iphone

The Nats Blog is unsurpassed as the most informative and fan-friendly iPhone app for the Washington, DC baseball fan. Not that there are many to choose from. Still, the best way to instill baseball fever in novice and expert alike is to stay abreast of the fun facts and figures provided by the Nats Blog. One fine day Washington baseball will be respectable instead of laughable. That day may be here if the early 2012 baseball season is any indication. Contrary to popular baseball belief, winning isn’t everything. How about good sportsmanship, is that a tired old ideal?

New York Mets on NJ.com

new york mets iphone

New York Mets on NJ.com sounds like one of those anomalies that I hear tell about. There are many reasons why New Jersey may appreciate the Mets baseball team more than the residents of New York City and state do themselves. You always want what you can’t have. New Jersey gave a home to the wayward New York Giants. It hasn’t come to that for the Mets, though perhaps some fans in New Jersey are hoping otherwise. The New York Mets have always played second fiddle to those damn Yankees. Not on this app though, check it out. It’s an excellent information source for Met fans.

Philadelphia Baseball App

philadelphia baseball iphone

Philadelphia Baseball App will keep you in the know on those amazing Phillies. After five consecutive first place finishes, the team and their fans may beginning to feel entitled to their yearly title. This is a nice app to add to your iPhone to keep up with Phillie-fever. The Tweets, the blogs, the pictures and videos are all there to impart in-depth knowledge for the fan and novice alike. Be the first with all of the important facts and figures that you need to determine if Charlie Manuel can continue to work his magic pulling the strings.