Android Apps for National League Central Division Baseball Fans

android apps for baseball fan

The National League’s Central Division is full of surprises this year. Teams are jockeying for position to gain the right to compete in the playoffs in September. There is a lot of baseball to play before the winner is decided. So don’t let yourself be caught unawares. Make sure that you have one of these apps on your Android phone. Or you may spend the winter wondering just what happened. It is important to follow your favorite club no matter what. Don’t wimp out just because the odds are against your local nine. It isn’t over until every team is statistically eliminated. History is chock full of many championship teams that took the baseball world by complete surprise. That is what makes baseball the great sport that it is.

Post-Dispatch Baseball (St. Louis Cardinals)

st louis cardinals android

Post-Dispatch Baseball is the app you want to have on your smart phone to follow all of the drama as the Cards try to repeat the magic that has made them the defending champions of Major League Baseball. Time marches on and the torch has passed to new manager Mike Matheny. The Cardinals will take on all comers this year and go for yet more glory without their mainstays Manager Tony La Russa and superstar Albert Pujols. The early indications are that they are poised to successfully do just that. Poise is what it will take. Stay in tune with their struggles. Keep the Post-Dispatch Baseball app in your pocket at all times.

Cincinnati.Com Baseball Report

Cincinnati android app

Cincinnati.Com Baseball Report features the in-depth coverage from the local rag, the Cincinnati Enquirer. Other Reds apps are out there but there is nothing like the hometown perspective. Plug this baby into your Android phone and enjoy the baseball season like never before. The Reds have been loosening up those notoriously closed pockets and showering their best players with love and lots of money. How about that for an ideal combination? Manager Dusty Baker may finally have all of the pieces he needs to assemble some kind of new machine. The beginning of the 2012 season finds the team competitive. Download Cincinnati.Com Baseball Report to root on Dusty and the gang as they strive to bring the playoffs to their Great American Ball Park.

Buccos Beat-Pirates

buccos beat baseball

Buccos Beat-Pirates Baseball gives you the data that you crave about the team with stats galore. The Pirates have some exciting young talent, like Center Fielder Andrew McCutchen. Fans will hope that the Pirates are poised to finally become competitive in the NL Central Division. PNC’s denizens are ready. Maybe all that they need to do is to choose some funky song like ‘We Are Family’, to identify their team with, in order to provide the necessary spark. Who knows, it worked once, it might work again. What song could it be though, there’s the rub?

Houston Astros News

houston astros news

Houston Astros News wins the coveted nod to round out the final selection of this oh so influential list on NL Central apps. The attention to detail by the folks at Pliabull Sports News assures fans of the latest data at all times. Fun is the order of the day with the Houston Astros News app. Let the merriment begin. Download this app for all of the news and gossip that makes baseball the Great American Pastime. It links up with facebook so that you can share your obsession with the game with all of your friends around the world.

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