Differences Between Facebook and Google+

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Google+ provides easier access to options for sharing information than Facebook does. Google+ Circles allows its users to select which of their friends they want to share certain things (such as a photo or post) with, while not allowing the others to see them. Meanwhile, Facebook does not offer an easy to use option to select specific friends to share each individual item with. And the privacy selections that Facebook does provide are very limited.

Google+ allows its users to have live video feed interactions with each other using webcams in its Hangouts option. Facebook currently does not offer anything like this.

Facebook allows businesses, groups, and organizations to join, whereas Google+ does not currently allow them to join.

Google+ has a Spark option that makes it easy for its users to collect and view information about and related to material and keywords searched for by the user. In contrast, Facebook currently has no program that offers informational searches.

Google+ has a gadget called Google+1 that is similar to Facebook’s “Like” option, however, Google+1 allows its users to search for something (such as a good place to eat) and shows results that their friends have added as a +1.

Facebook’s layout is way more chaotic in comparison to what Google+ provides. While Google+ provides a simple and easy layout, Facebook now offers customizable layouts.

Although Facebook has a chat option it does not allow its users to chat with more than one person as Google+ Huddle does. Also Facebook does not allow chat to be used on cellular phones, whereas Google+ Huddle allows users to chat (with one or many friends) on their cellular phones.

Google+ provides an easy to use option called Google+ Location that lets its users share their location immediately at any time or place if they would like to. Facebook has something similar but it is a little mote inconvenient to use and is only compatible with a handful of countries.

Facebook has the option to upload photos for friends and/or the world to see, though it is a time consuming process. Google+ instant upload provides the same features as Facebook only faster.

Google+ offers more privacy settings and allows everything in and on its user’s profiles to be completely private if they wish, whereas some of Facebook’s required profile information does not have the option to be completely private.

Google+ allows for more personalizing and has a few new programs that Facebook does not provide yet. Google+ is also way more convenient with many tasks than Facebook. However, it seems (so far) that Facebook users do not want to leave their comfort zone to venture out and try Google+.

Although Google+ offers new attractive and easy to use features for its users, Facebook still takes the lead (by a long shot) in quantity of users. Google+ is still so new that it is impossible to tell if it will flourish or fail, however, Facebook’s future appears to remain highly successful and trusted for years to come.

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One thought on “Differences Between Facebook and Google+”

  1. This is a great comparison between Google+ and Facebook. I agree that Google make privacy much easier than Facebook; but that is only when you want to share things with your friends. I still find it hard and confusing to build different circles on Google+ and add people to each one of them. Even I have a Page on Google+ and till now I don’t know how to add my profile friends to my page or how add people whom following my page to my profile.

    In an nutshell, I don’t see Google+ anywhere competitor to Facebook, Facebook is the most personal social network that is built on deep relationship between friends and family members, this makes the information provider by your Facebook more trust worthy than any other friend in any other social network. Only one thing that Google can do to force the competition with Facebook is by making Google+ have a major impact on search engine results.

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