4 Coupon Apps for iPhones

coupon iphone app
coupon iphone app

In this brave new world in which we find ourselves, the iPhone has emerged as a kind of new type of digital Swiss army knife. It always has another tool ready to save the day. With the economy still somewhat topsy-turvy, a timely e-coupon can be a good friend indeed. Enter these four fabulous money-saving apps. Collect and use all of them, each e-coupon provider has their own unique values. What’s really cool is the new bar code that is scanned into your smart phone and magically brings you to your savings for each individual offer.


livingsocial iphone app LivingSocial tunes its offerings geographically to save you the hassle of selecting your area for yourself. For me that meant the Napa/Sonoma county area of California. They call their offers ‘vouchers’. Whatever you may wish to call it, a good deal is a good deal. Why not take advantage of them for yourself? In no time at all I was able to find a whale of a good value on a San Francisco Whale tour, just $19. What’s fun about LivingSocial is that you save gobs of money on things you never thought you needed or even wanted but through the kind auspices of the app, learned just how much you truly can’t live without them.

Entertainment Membership Coupons

entertainment membership iphone app

Entertainment Membership Coupons mobile redemption feature will be fully operational in late September of 2012. Which means that until then you will need your handy dandy membership book until their mobile scanning is completely integrated. If you don’t yet have a membership book, they are available for a limited time for $9.99 at entertainment.com. Expect to pay a bit more for the book towards the beginning of the calendar year. It is worth its weight in gold though so do be sure to get one. Save on groceries, airfare, accommodations, movies and oodles more!

The Coupons App

the coupons app iphone

The Coupons App is very popular with its users. They love the coupons for almost every conceivable purchase. The Coupons App updates daily in real time so you get the real savings that you long for. Display your coupon on your iPhone to the cashier and your savings are deducted. The app has a search mode to locate the precise product or service that you seek. There is a share selection so that you can send a coupon to older analog phones or post coupons to Facebook. Maps are available to guide you to the different destinations of the myriad of offers.


groupon iphone app

Groupon seems to be the leader in the burgeoning new coupon category for iPhones. If you have ever been a leader in anything then you know firsthand that that lofty position makes you it. When you or your business becomes it, then it is time to celebrate. Have a party, get over your hangovers, then batten down the hatches and prepare for the gigantic storms that lay ahead; storms of jealousy from competitors, storms of scams from those that try to take advantage of your success. They have super deals. Groupon has an extremely clever iPhone app. Get it and judge for yourself if your savings are real or the result of some clever marketing concept.