Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy for the iPad

leonardo da vinci anatomy for ipad app

leonardo da vinci anatomy for ipad app

By now most everyone has heard of the great Leonardo da Vinci. For hundreds of years the eminent prescience that exudes from his timeless anatomical drawings went mum as the importance of his work was somehow overlooked.

Not so any longer. The Royal collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has partnered with Touch Press, the innovative interactive eBook publisher that has brought to fruition some of the many educational possibilities of the iPad, to finally give Leonardo his due.

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy for iPad

leonardo da vinci anatomy for ipad

The iPad user is empowered like never before to compare what the unaided mind can achieve from resolute interest and curiosity with the results of modern medical knowledge to date. This is done by the astonishing ability of the iPad to dissect and display the authentic anatomical drawings of da Vinci, from seemingly every possible viewpoint, translate their coded descriptions and to enable the iPad user to evaluate them with present understanding.

Resource for Educators

While there does not appear to be a separate resource section for teachers on the publisher’s site, it appears to be somewhat unnecessary. The ‘Anatomy’ app is a resource in itself. Authorities in various fields of medicine are featured in in-app videos that juxtapose and theorize about the present anatomical knowledge with that displayed by Leonardo in his groundbreaking work.

Teachers will find a rich pallet from which to draw from. Whether the topic is drawing or the use of observation in obtaining new results and viewpoints or anatomy itself, iPad users will be positioned to learn marvelous insights about these and other important research subjects.

Rich Interactive Experience

leonardo da vinci anatomy

The folks at Touch Press have codified the standard of excellence in the exciting new field of interactive books. This splendid app for the iPhone brings the incomparable genius of Leonardo da Vinci into the arms of anyone with an iPad and the good sense to invest in this app.

This may be the app that best demonstrates the astounding better than life graphics of iPad’s Retina display. While the original drawings of the master are safely, and wisely, kept under lock and key, ‘Anatomy’ empowers the iPad user with the illustrations of a mind not to be dissuaded from achievement by the comparatively primitive times that it was compelled to live and work in.


Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomy for the iPad is a great app for educators in medicine, drawing and other subjects. All will benefit from the thorough investigation of the unparalleled artistic and scientific achievements of this incredible artist, who, with only rudimentary tools, trumped the work of centuries of inquiry of his later peers, assuming that Leonardo had any.

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