WordPress Tips for Creating the Perfect Bio Page

wordpress tips for bio page

wordpress tips for bio page

Making the perfect bio page in WordPress is very important if you are looking to make conversions. According to many experts, the bio page is the most visited page on your website because people want to know who they are buying from. It has also been proven that those without a bio page often make fewer sales. If you have an ecommerce or service-based website, then you need a bio page to make it work. Follow these tips, and you should have the perfect bio page ready in less than an hour.

Rich Text HTML Plugins

black studio tinymce wordpress plugin

Creating the right atmosphere for your bio page, a simple font change can give your page an entirely different feel. Whilst being a simple idea, it’s not easy to implement in the standard WordPress editor, and a couple of plugins I highly recommend are great for making the job quick and easy.

Rich Text Tags and Black Studio TinyMCE are two plugins that can help you achieve this, and there are many others available. These plugins will give you all the control you need to customize your bio page to its perfection.

rich text tags wordpress pluging

List of Posts or Unique Landing Page

The bio page can be either a common page with a list of posts leading to other pages, or a unique landing page. Business pages statistically do better with a unique landing page. The list of posts approach can be successful, but many studies show that visitors find this a little pushy with a business website, and is more useful for individuals creating a blogger presence of writing authority.

You first need to get rid of the global sidebar for your unique landing page. You also need to write a dynamic landing page that really gives people a feeling for your business.

Give people a reason to buy from your website. For example, if you sell weight-loss products, then either talk about your own weight-loss journey if you have one, or talk about how you came to recognize obesity as such a rampant problem. People will feel for this, and they will be more likely to buy from you.
Using graphics can work if you sell dynamic products or services, but most businesses might do better with plain text. Consider your audience when thinking about this.

Building Trust

The other thing your bio page needs to do is secure trust. This is the only way to make people feel compelled to buy from you. Most people don’t trust websites they have not bought from before, and you need to build up some trust for them to feel comfortable about their purchase.

iq testimonials wordpress plugin
The best way to do this is to add testimonials to your bio page. IQ Testimonials, Testimonial and TBTestimonials are three plugins that can do this for you. The plugins will create stylized testimonials that you can easily add pictures to. Make sure the testimonials are qualified by linking through to your relevant clients.

Optimizing the Page

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There are several things you can do to optimize your bio page for search engines, but the truth is that your bio page is often viewed by people who are first led to your site via other pages. Tie your business name to a Google brand page so the site becomes recognized as a publisher and will help to validate SERPS results.

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