4 Speech Making Apps for iPhones

speech making iphone apps

speech making iphone apps

Perhaps there comes a time in almost everyone’s life when they are compelled to deliver a speech of some kind. For some this prospect, like having to imbibe castor oil, is a source of dread. Enter these 4 Speech Apps for iPhones, like the proverbial cavalry. Coming to, as that old timer Mick Jagger might exclaim, your emotional rescue. In those primitive times before there were iPhones, speech givers were forced to go to the great length of lugging that notebook computer to their orations. How tacky that must have been. These apps will have you delivering a speech smoother than Obama on a lovely spring day.


speechmate iphone

SpeechMate is a terrific tool for those that can be a bit over talkative. It is on your case like an ever present Sunday school teacher. From the very first second of your opening line it is counting the seconds. Until that glorious moment when you have your speech honed. It will help you to fit your presentation in to even the most demanding of time parameters. Its interface uses a simple traffic light theme of, you know, red, yellow and green. Enter in the target time for your speech and keep to it!


SpeechPrep Mcgraw Hill

SpeechPrep drills you on your speech so that you won’t freak out when it is finally time to face your audience. Work with the app and follow its sage advice to have that crowd eating out of the palm of your hand. Let SpeechPrep inculcate all of the proper dos and don’ts of addressing that crowd of folks. Your growing fan base has been waiting for your presentation. Don’t let them down. Practice your speeches with SpeechPrep to experience the euphoria of a successful speech to the masses. The simple act of practicing your well thought out oration while incorporating the helpful instruction in this app will make you the toast of the speaking tour.


speaklikeapro iphone

SpeaklikeaPro is very effective at its chosen goal. It endeavors to impart that confidence in your public speaking that is critical to a successful speech. Compare your speech with the app’s library of effective speechmakers. It will assist you by enabling you to compare where you stack up against the pros. In this all important area of verbal expression it’s nice to have a cyber coach like SpeaklikeaPro up your sleeve. This app not only helps you to get your speech together, it drills you on effective communicating. That is a skill worth cultivating for everyone.

Speakers Corner-For Speakers

speakers corner for speakers iphone

Speakers Corner-For Speakers should be on everyone’s iPhone because it is just that good. Lynda Spillane’s business is teaching people from all walks of life the art of speaking in public. This app will PUMP YOU UP to make that presentation to your co-workers, voters, or that toughest audience of your nightmares. They will be won over by your silky pronunciation and confident delivery obtainable only by the type of practice advocated by Speakers Corner. Ms. Spillane is perceived as the best in her field for a reason. Find out why. Hint; she empowers her students to excel.