5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling

5 events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling
5 events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling
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Being a self-made entrepreneur often means long work days and nights on the road, making the act of staying ahead through continued education and networking a nearly impossible task. Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world!

No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling:

1. London International Meetup Group

london international meetup

No matter where in the world you travel most often, the historic city of London is very likely at least an uncommon stopover for you and the London International Meetup Group invites any world traveler lucky enough to stop over here a fantastic opportunity for unique socializing!

Given the broad group of people represented in this group, every event features something and someone truly unique to interact with, helping you to convert another boring day on the road into an opportunity for fun and conversation potentially unmatched anywhere else.

When and Where: Meetups of this group take place in and around London a few times each month, often close to airports and other travel-based locations for ease of access for those unfamiliar with the city. Feel free to book an accomodation using HolidayApartments.net

2. Toronto Social Group

toronto social group

If you’re stopping by Toronto, Canada during your business travels, be sure to hook up with the Toronto Social Group, a conglomerate of individuals looking for fun, excitement and relaxation in an easygoing social setting. Events held by this group range from restaurant outings to hiking trips and white water rafting, making every organized day out a unique one and sure to be remembered!

When and Where: Meetings of the more than 4,000 members of the Toronto Social Group take place once or twice each week, all year round, at various locations in and around Greater Toronto.

3. Melbourne Young Professionals

melbourne young professionals

A stay in Melbourne, Australia need not be boring with the Melbourne Young Professionals social group! Join up with other entrepreneurial spirits to enjoy good times, both business-related and purely for fun, in a variety of interesting settings around this city down under. Events organized by this group include everything from salsa dancing to social media marketing seminars, ensuring that there is an activity to suit you no matter your tastes.

When and Where: The Melbourne Young Professionals group meets in venues around the city of Melbourne, Australia with exact locations depending on each event; no matter where you end up, you can count on the exotic allure that Australia is known for!

4. Film and Culture Group

culture film club

If the pleasures of the mind are more important to you than outdoors activities like hiking, be sure to check out the Film and Culture Group the next time that you visit New York City! This group visits theaters, both film and stage, museums and other cultural settings in order to provoke interesting conversation and new friendships.

With thousands of members contributing to and attending only some events, each outing promises to bring you into contact with new and exciting people, giving you the opportunity to meet both like-minded entrepreneurs alongside those with entirely unique points of view and lifestyles, guaranteeing that every trip out with New York’s Film and Culture Group is an interesting one.

When and Where: Events organized by the Film and Culture Group of New York City tend to be focused in and around Manhattan but take place several times each month all over the Big Apple.

5. San Francisco World Travelers

san francisco world travelers

Combine your entrepreneurial spirit with your interest in travel at the San Francisco World Travelers meetups with a group of travel-oriented people from the Bay Area who love to exchange stories and tips while relaxing and conversing in a social setting.

Priding itself on the looseness and low expectations of their meetings, this group is a fantastic way to combine socializing with a laid back atmosphere, allowing you to share your thoughts while taking in those of others in comfort and without the anxiety that often occurs in other unknown social situations.

When and Where: You can get together with the World Travelers group at one of their social outings, typically held once per month at a San Francisco eatery with the offer of a drink on hand.

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