Top Places Where You Still Can Get Free Links

free links

free links

If you have a website and are trying to boost its position in Google to increase your traffic and thereby your profits, then links will be of incredible value to you. Inbound links to a website have many different purposes, and can not only help Google to index your pages, but also help people surfing the web to find them and increase your reputation in the eyes of both those visitors and Google itself.

Of course thought the downside to all this is that links don’t grow on trees, and that few websites are willing to give their links away for free. Making matters worse is the fact that Google’s changes have meant that any old link will do either – they have to be high quality and relevant to your content, and these are an even rarer commodity.

That said there are still some places you can get links without shelling out a lot of money, and some of these can still do wonders for your reputation and your ranking in the SERPs. Here we will look at what some of those are. Few things in life are free, so don’t pass these ones up!



Forums allow you to make conversation and that of course means being able to post whatever you want on the site. Of course though there are restrictions and you need to make sure before you do that the site offers dofollow links, and that they allow you to post URLs at all in the first place. At the same time you also need to be careful as sometimes posting a link will get your message deleted and your account banned. The only way you can get around this is to take the time and effort to establish yourself in the community, and then to post your link only when it comes up naturally in conversation. The loyalty and the benefits this will grant you make the invested time very worthwhile. Another good strategy is to post your link into developer forums and webmaster forums where you’re allowed to post links and can guarantee some views by asking for a review or some advice – people love helping out.

Social Networking

Any social network gives you the opportunity to post your own links, and with social being more and more integrated into search this is something that Google is increasingly giving priority to. Meanwhile if you post on social networks then your link will have the very real opportunity of going viral if you have chosen the subject well and you have a big following. Again it’s worth investing some time into building up a bit of a following and some relationships first.


YouTube is a site that lets anyone upload videos and sometimes these get thousands of views. Any of these views could become traffic for your website too if you include a link in your description, and what’s even better is that these links ‘count’ towards your page rank.

The Play Store

google play logo

This might not bring you much organic traffic, but the fact that it’s owned by Google means that you can bet it will count toward something, and it can still be a useful way to getting people to your site if people like your app and have questions. Even better is putting your link in the app itself in the place of regular advertising, which will mean that you can encourage some real traffic to flow there, especially if it pops up while they’re using the app.

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