4 Must-Download Windows Phone Apps

windows phone apps

windows phone apps

In the days of yore, before the advent of the iPhone or even iTunes, iCared less about having to morph the English language to accommodate an un-capitalized letter beginning a proper noun. Now I’m almost daily forced to wrestle with the spell check, all because some hotshots over at Apple Computer thought that it was chick to put the small letter I in front of every new product. And it’s all Microsoft’s fault for dropping the ball on world software domination. Now here they come, hat in hand, begging us to adopt Windows Phone 8. Why? Well it’s not iOS or Android, good enough for me! Check out these 4 must-download Windows Phone apps.

Metro Tube

windows phone metrotube

Metro Tube is the way to go if you want to interface with You Tube on your Windows Smart Phone running Windows Phone 7.5 or above. The app has been recently updated and is raring to help you with your You Tube projects. Just the fact of its availability represents a success for the app vendors Lazyworm Applications Ltd. Folks love a comeback story. This is one about the little guys triumphing over those wicked behemoths called Google. So support the good vibes and download it for the best in You Tube results when using Windows Phone.


windows phone evernote

Evernote takes the simple task of taking notes to new heights. Use it for jotting down a text reminder or for noting the details of that transcendent product innovation. You can also take notes as audio files or as pictures from your smart phone’s camera. Evernote will help keep all of your devices on the same page by automatically syncing your notes to and from your phone, to your PC and to the Web. The app supports an impressive 16 languages, making it a truly world class program. As their logo indicates, with Evernote you will have that proverbial elephant’s memory.

Comfortable Reader for Instapaper

 windows phone comfortable reader

Comfortable Reader for Instapaper gives you that designer look. You probably never realized you inherently longed for a ‘Metro-style article list’ that’s animated. To live even larger, invest a few dollars for the monthly content fee. Encourage your reading with this Windows Phone app that tracks your reading progress and syncs it to catch up if you are reading offline. It’s great to have a dedicated reader like this app. Because when you are waiting in that line from Hades, it sure makes things more pleasant and productive. You won’t have to peruse the latest TV Guide or National Enquirer headlines.


windows phone baconit

Baconit empowers you to help set the trends of the day. You will be able to vote at reddit.com on which of their topics and stories are of the most importance. It’s almost like being on the Nielsen team. You are able to post your own content to the reddit site for the consideration of the masses. Though the app is not formally associated with reddit, its smooth integration with it and Windows Phone may make you forget that little detail. At ‘press time’, only one language, English, is supported.