Four Handy Windows Phone Apps

windows phone apps

It must be difficult for Microsoft. They have had to get used to playing second and even third fiddle in this thing called the Mobile Operating System competition. Back in the tech boom 90’s, everything was ‘Wintel this’ and ‘Wintel that’. People were worried that Microsoft would be the evil monopolistic empire that they probably still aspire to be. Now it’s Apple that personifies that 1984 scenario so succinctly portrayed in their signature Super Bowl commercial. But Windows Phone 8 still has a thing or two to teach to those young whippersnappers over at Apple and Google. Case in point, these four handy apps for your Windows Phone (also check out these other lists of useful Windows Phone apps and must-download Windows Phone apps).

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4 Useful Windows Phone Apps

windows phone apps

Windows Phone 8 has the backing of Microsoft. Who may not be quite the titan they once were, thanks to Google and Apple finally making a chink in that monopolistic armor. Luckily for them, they haven’t put all of their eggs in one basket. Microsoft is still the fourth most valuable company. So they are still quite the force to reckon with. As such, Windows 8 users and adopters may be assured that there will be Windows phone apps available for their consumption now and long into the future. What’s impressive about Microsoft is that they know from OS’. Their Windows Phone 8 is unique. It has a few nice perks the others lack. Like being able to pin live tiles to your home screen, neat!

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4 Must-Download Windows Phone Apps

windows phone apps

In the days of yore, before the advent of the iPhone or even iTunes, iCared less about having to morph the English language to accommodate an un-capitalized letter beginning a proper noun. Now I’m almost daily forced to wrestle with the spell check, all because some hotshots over at Apple Computer thought that it was chick to put the small letter I in front of every new product. And it’s all Microsoft’s fault for dropping the ball on world software domination. Now here they come, hat in hand, begging us to adopt Windows Phone 8. Why? Well it’s not iOS or Android, good enough for me! Check out these 4 must-download Windows Phone apps.

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Top 10 Apps for Windows Phones

windows phone appsBack in July 2011, I pointed out 4 smartphone releases to keep an eye on, including the HTC HD7S , which is claimed as the most robust Windows smartphone out there.

Given the good reception of this Windows Phone, here is a list of top 10 apps available for this smartphone.

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