Four Handy Windows Phone Apps

windows phone apps

It must be difficult for Microsoft. They have had to get used to playing second and even third fiddle in this thing called the Mobile Operating System competition. Back in the tech boom 90’s, everything was ‘Wintel this’ and ‘Wintel that’. People were worried that Microsoft would be the evil monopolistic empire that they probably still aspire to be. Now it’s Apple that personifies that 1984 scenario so succinctly portrayed in their signature Super Bowl commercial. But Windows Phone 8 still has a thing or two to teach to those young whippersnappers over at Apple and Google. Case in point, these four handy apps for your Windows Phone (also check out these other lists of useful Windows Phone apps and must-download Windows Phone apps).

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Windows 8: Three Rumors

windows 8For several years now there have been a many rumors circulating on the web about the new Windows operating system that is slated to take the place of Windows 7. Tentatively called both Windows 8 and Windows Next, with the former being the preferred moniker, this new OS is supposed to hit the market in 2012.

As that date approaches, I thought I would undertake an effort to better inform you about the changes expected to be made in this new versions of Windows. There are a lot of speculations out there, some sensible, and some unlikely. By paying attention to the changes that Microsoft plans to make, you will be better able to prepare for your OS future. Here are 3 Rumors about Windows 8.

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