Windows 8: Three Rumors

windows 8For several years now there have been a many rumors circulating on the web about the new Windows operating system that is slated to take the place of Windows 7. Tentatively called both Windows 8 and Windows Next, with the former being the preferred moniker, this new OS is supposed to hit the market in 2012.

As that date approaches, I thought I would undertake an effort to better inform you about the changes expected to be made in this new versions of Windows. There are a lot of speculations out there, some sensible, and some unlikely. By paying attention to the changes that Microsoft plans to make, you will be better able to prepare for your OS future. Here are 3 Rumors about Windows 8.

Rumor #1: Expanding to a 128-bit OS

This expansion would be a major shift in Microsoft’s outlook in terms of processors and applications. The 32-bit system has ruled for well over a decade and the integration of even 64-bit processing is still shaky. Consider that when they were pressured to offer Windows 7 as 64-bit only, the company balked.

Though it is quite possible that the R&D for a 128-bit system is in the works, the likelihood of Windows 8 being that system is quite slim. Look more likely for an exclusively 64-bit version, unlike the current choice offered with Windows 7.

Rumor #2: Changing the Welcome screen

Microsoft has always been on board with the changing paradigms of computer technology. Nowadays the money is in tablets and mobile devices. In line with the recent release of the Windows phone, the new Windows 8 OS will integrate the aesthetics of mobile devices in order to appeal to a broader (read: younger) market.The primary changes that you should expect to see are in the Welcome screen display, which will reveal the time and date similar to a cell phone. There will also be an ability to use a pattern to log on to tablet devices that is similar to the application currently used by android phones.

Rumor #3: Offering new & updated tools

In an effort to directly address some of its competitors such as Adobe and Macintosh, Windows 8 milestones show that the new OS will offer several new and updated tools for its users.The first, Modern Reader, will attempt to displace Acrobat as the standard web-document viewer. There will also be a “History Vault” that is a clear copy of Apple’s Time Machine.

There will also be what is being called a Modern Task Manager designed to offer additional features that users have long hoped for and include additional information on currently running applications and a touch friendly interface that will be compatible with tablets.


There are several other rumors surrounding the release of this OS next year and truly only time will tell if they are both legitimate and worthwhile. So far, there is a lot said, but little actually seen in terms of Windows 8, so only time will tell what direction Microsoft is truly set to take with this new version of its perennial product.

What do you think will be updates for Windows 8?
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2 thoughts on “Windows 8: Three Rumors”

  1. I hope they would change their welcome screen with that flag. Microsoft is always after the big market and if you think that they will make the mistake again like releasing next windows in this short time then I have to disagree.

    It may be tomorrow or today. but they better be prepared for something more better than windows 7. I can go a lot more years with windows 7.

  2. I’m hoping that they actually delay their next version. I used XP for many years & then ended up with 7 as a result of a new laptop purchase, and am struggling with it still.. Some of us need quite some time to learn a new system, so whatever they bring, & whenever they bring it, then they better stay with it for a while.

    At least my Mac stays pretty consistant through it’s version changes.


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