Evaluating and Improving Your Company’s Reputation

improve your reputation

improve your reputation

A company’s ultimate success does not rest only on the value of its products and services; image and customer satisfaction play a large part in growing and maintaining profits. Ignoring your company’s reputation and the customer’s needs and desires is one way to ensure failure. These days, with the broad reach of the Internet, it is easy to uncover consumer opinion of your business. Here are methods you should implement for this purpose so that you can enhance your company’s reputation.

Get a Quick View of your Online Reputation

Before you begin actively working to enhance your company’s image, you should gather data to learn how your company is currently viewed. This will help you address the most prominent issues, first. For additional help you can go here for an online reputation snapshot.

Utilize Surveys

Next, create and utilize surveys. These allow you to receive general or in depth input about what customers appreciate about your company as well as what you should improve. You may want to create a long version of the survey, and a shorter version, depending on the particular needs of your company. To entice people to fill out a long survey, offer something for their time. This could be a discount code, free shipping or even a free product.

Surveys should cover all of the important aspects you need to know about, such as the customers’ satisfaction regarding products, services, shipping and customer relations. For example, ask the customer how satisfied he or she is with each on a scale of one to five. At the end of the survey, provide space for the customer to offer additional feedback.

Allow Easy Feedback

On your company website itself, create an area for feedback. Make this as simple and easy as possible for your visitors. Unless the customer has a specific problem that needs to be addressed, he or she is more likely to provide feedback via a short form on the site rather than by sending an email. Your site designer can add an area for comments that will be sent to your email from the site by clicking the “send” button.

Both the use of surveys and website feedback will help you get a better understanding of all areas where your company may need improvements. After you make these improvements — especially if they are large ones, such as redesigning a product or changing shipping methods. Be sure to announce them on your website. Consumers appreciate knowing that a company has listened to their needs.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.