Mind mapping: “What’s in it for professionals?”

mind mapping 1

mind mapping 1

What is mind mapping?

To some people, mind mapping is a place of wonder where thoughts are meant to be discovered.  To others, it is a creative playground where you are never too old to play with your ideas and never too young to reach beyond your potential.

It is quite difficult to describe what mind mapping is all about because each person has its unique way of thinking and processing information.  However, in spite of these differences among us, there is a common idea which most of us would agree with and that is: in order to mind map you need to be aware of your thoughts.  In other words, mind mapping is about your thought process.  Every thought has the potential to grow and develop into a concept, a plan, a project and so on.  The development process of any of our thoughts can be captured through the visual power of mind mapping. 

Who is mind mapping for?

Mind mapping is for people who are open to experiencing a new way of thinking.  Therefore, from this perspective, mind mapping is not for dummies.  There is a broad range of professionals using mind mapping to brainstorm ideas and organize them, to gain clarity over different concepts and processes, to develop simple or complex projects.  Besides its management qualities, mind mapping makes possible the collaboration in real time of teams which work at a distance.

mind mapping 2

Mind mapping is most popular among:

  • business consultants
  • health professionals
  • lawyers
  • marketers
  • educators
  • – professors

Can you see yourself among other mind map users on this map?

Where can mind mapping be used?

Mind mapping can be used in any field or activity which involves brainstorming, analytical thinking, concept creation and development.

Mind mapping is mainly being used in:

  • business settings when planning a new product launch, evaluating risk factors, preparing  negotiation strategies, researching new trends
  • schools and universities for generating, structuring and evaluating new information, for   research purposes, for improving writing skills

More specifically mind mapping is a great visual presentation tool for::

  • conferences when presenting various theories, research findings
  • meetings when brainstorming new concepts
  • projects which require dissemination and evaluation
  • daily activities to get better organized and prioritize tasks more efficiently
mind mapping 3
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Why is mind mapping essential for any professional?

Any professional must be equipped with critical thinking and problem solving skills.  One of the most efficient ways in which one can better understand and identify a problem is by visualizing it.   In this case, mind mapping is the best choice for visualizing any problem while still allowing you to analyze all possible alternatives for finding a solution.

To make things easier, any professional can get acquainted with mind mapping by using a mind mapping application.  You can get yourself started with Mindomo mind mapping application, which is a great choice for beginners but also for professionals who are already advanced at mind mapping.

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