Laptop Vs. Desktop Vs. Tablet

laptop vs desktop vs tablet

laptop vs desktop vs tablet

With technology becoming more divisive each and every year, many people are trying to determine whether the next purchase they make should be a laptop, desktop or tablet. Indeed, each one of these machines comes along with its own distinct set of benefits, and one may be better for certain situations than another.

A laptop may be the perfect fit for one person, while it would simply be a waste of money for another. Determining which one of these is right for you is the best way to ensure that you don’t spend more money than you need to on a laptop, desktop or tablet; the following are just a few tips to help set you on your way.



Laptops are extremely useful, and many people find them to be preferable over desktops and tablets for a variety of reasons. Unlike desktops, laptops are very portable, and can be used practically anywhere since they run off of battery power. Laptops tend to feature everything that basic users will need in a computer, which makes them just as functional as they are portable.

Because of these perks, however, laptops are usually more expensive than comparable desktops; shopping for refurbished laptops can help to cut costs. They’re also not always as powerful as desktops, which makes them poor choices for those who are using resource-heavy software such as design programs.



If you need a computer of some sort for work purpose, you might find that a desktop is your best bet. Desktops are perfect for graphic designers, as well as those who tend to do a lot of work with music production. They also tend to be available for excellent prices in comparison to laptops, which means those who must stick to a tight budget might find desktops to be preferable over laptops. Unfortunately, they must remain stationary and are not at all portable in the way that laptops and tablets are; a deal-breaker for many people.



Tablets are the newest of these three types of machines, and are quickly growing in popularity. They’re ideal for those who are looking to check their email, surf the web or watch videos while laying around the house or sitting at a coffee shop. Since they feature touchscreens, they also offer experiences that are quite unique in comparison to most laptops and desktops. Because they don’t come with an external keyboard, however, typing on a tablet can be quite trying; you can always purchase an external keyboard if this presents a problem. Tablets don’t offer as much storage space or memory as the other two options, but this is reflected in their lower pricing. For most people, tablets are considered accessories rather than main computers.

Whether you choose to go with a laptop, desktop or tablet, you can rest assured that technology will only continue to improve and become more advanced over time. The more research you do before buying one of these machines, they happier you’re likely to be with your purchase.

Author: Damian Davila

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  1. I think that each of the devices have a specific purpose. I can blog and do “hard work” on my laptop or desktop but I still cannot do that on my tablet. My Amazon Kindle cannot handle heavy HTML coding or great photo editing. However, the table is amazing for hanging out by the pool and catch up on all of my reading: magazines, sites, books. That little device can handle anything! As you see, every device has its own purpose.

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