How to Make Email Newsletters Better

make email newsletters better

make email newsletters better

This is the screenshot of my email newsletters signup form at my blog.

I’ve been blogging since 2008 and it has always been there.

Right-hand side. Around the middle of the page, on every page of the site.

Today I wanted to share what I have learned on how to make email newsletters better.

Use a RSS-to-Email Service

Believe it or not, people like getting email.

While the data is a bit old, it reinforces an important point: people are ok with an organization reaching out to them.

Let me rephrase that: people are ok with an organization reaching out to them, as long as they gave that organization permission.

Using a RSS-to-Email service makes 2 things happen:

1. Gives your readers the ability to decide whether they want to tune in or not to your content via email. These emails are awesome, because they are are PERSONAL, RELEVANT, and ANTICIPATED messages (the three pillars of Seth Godin’s permission marketing).

2. Creates repeat visitors to your site (assuming your content keeps on rocking!), and let’s be true: every blogger wants repeat visitors. They are really, really hard to come by.

Use a Email Service

While you might be a great blogger and know your H2’s and ahref’s, it is a good idea to leave the heavy HTML lifting to the pros.

Here is a full list of email platforms highlighting their best features and who uses them.

From that list I wanted to highlight Mad Mimi.

mad mimi email newsletters

Why? Because Mad Mimi is a fun, intuitive email marketing service with character. They have over 100K customers using their product, mostly small businesses. I love rooting for the smaller guy. According to, had 914,416 visitors in December 2012, while had 9,846,175 on the same month. I believe smaller companies are places, where people have to try harder and are more open to innovations.

Using an email newsletters service allows you to use templates that have been crossed-tested on several browsers. Do you really want to spend time testing for browser compatibility for desktops, smartphones and tablets? You got a blog to run!

While the service will provide you a great platform, it is still up to you to crank out great content for your email newsletters. MarketingProfs gives some great tips for e-newsletter success.


Improve your email newsletters by using an email service with well-tested templates and an RSS-to-Email service.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.