4 Google Apps for Android

google apps for android

google apps for android

Google has taken over a large swath of the World Wide Web. No getting around that. From securing their indelible place as the dominant web search engine, Google is positioned to become just plain dominant. You can’t readily change who is the top Internet banana at any given moment. But you can make Google’s xenophobia work in your favor by jumping on the bandwagon. They are in charge of many areas of the web that you are likely obliged to traverse, like; Google Search, Gmail and YouTube. The proliferation of Google makes it easier to jump between apps that they own. If you can’t beat them, then download them.

Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive has over 77,000 mobile users at ‘press time’. But it’s only been available for a few months. Of course the app has been ceremoniously labeled an “Editors’ Choice”, by whom, the impartial editors at Google play? The thing is that in the long run it is often a good bet to go with the usually improved integration that results when one vendor develops all of the apps. Google knows all of the ins and outs of their own software code. So that is the main reason to use Google Drive for storing your files online to access from multiple devices and locations. Plus you get a larger free amount of memory storage space.

Google Maps

google maps

Google Maps may or may not be any better than the other geo-location options out there in the Android ecosystem. But it does fit nicely in with the all-important theme of this list, integration. Google already has your number. Take advantage of it and use their product line to benefit from what is usually the seamless integration of apps from only one vendor. Nearly 2.5 million users at present have. Maps still has a very impressive 4.4 star rating from the masses of mobile users. That certainly points to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a way cool app. Not long ago the stuff of science fiction. Point your camera at something and the magical Goggles identify what you are looking at. Indispensable for us single guys, who often haven’t the foggiest notion of what we are viewing. It’s a great cover for a lack of eruditeness. You’ll never be at a loss again for whose statue that is in the park. Impress your date at the museum with your knowledge of nineteenth century painters. The applications and obfuscations are endless. The implications, don’t ask!

Google Translate

google translate

Google Translate is the modern answer to the Rosetta Stone. That’s the archeological find that became the key to learning to read ancient languages. Only Google Translate is much lighter and faster. It will translate between the texts of up to 65 languages. You can use speech input for translating up to 17 languages. In the melting pot of this global economy, chances are that you will need to communicate with some one that doesn’t speak your language. Just bear in mind that even with our amazing modern linguistic tools, context is still often misplaced or lost altogether.