Google Plus Expands Reach to Include 13 and Above Teen Market

google plus teenagerGoogle originally rolled out its Google Plus service only to those with ages 18 and above. Recently the search giant has announced that it is now opening the service to the thirteen years old and up market.

Since this is a pretty sensitive market to cater with all the understandable apprehensions by parents in trying to protect their teenagers from potential dangers lurking in the internet, Google has simultaneously rolled out new privacy and security features which should somewhat assuage the parents into letting their kids try out the service.

Apparently, this new development is part of Google’s overall rollout plan for their Google Plus; this being the third or fourth installment in a series and with each rollout followed by some announcement of their membership figures.

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How Google+ Could Affect SEO

google plus

Google HQ is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of searches. While arriving late to the social media party, the search giant is finally showing signs of introducing user-generated into the search algorithms. There are several issues with ranking user-generated content through social media because it depends who is the original author, to what communities the author belongs to, and whether the author is an authority on the subject of the content.

The introduction of Google+ is an interesting attempt in bringing user-generated content through social media closer to the Google search engine.

Here is a discussion of how Google+ could affect SEO.

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