3 Projects to Improve Auto Financial Services Websites

improve auto financial services websites

Throughout my experience in online marketing, I have found that the auto financial service industry has a lot of great opportunities in improving its sites. From making use of responsive design to improving the user experience to creating useful, link-bait time-sinkers, there are several specific steps that auto financial services companies can take to energize their sites.

In this article I will detail 3 projects to improve these sites.

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Kick Starting My Website to Help Improve Traffic

When I started my own website for my home business I was really excited.  I managed to create a website and customize it so it looked great.  I spent ages thinking about what needed to be on there, and when I published it I was watching the amount of traffic that arrived almost religiously.

kickstaring website

No Traffic to Be Seen

After the first few days I began to feel a little bit down. I wasn’t getting any traffic to speak of. I figured it was just because the site was new so I gave myself a couple of months to sit back, relax and try and spread the work of my business locally. After the two months was up the traffic hadn’t really changed and I realised that it wouldn’t change unless I did something.  I thought perhaps the site wasn’t attractive enough but after doing some research online I realised I had made a lot of errors, the biggest being not optimising the site for the search engines.

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