Top Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing and Payment Options Today

top ways to utilize mobile marketing and payment options today

No matter what type of business you currently operate, or plan to open, in this day and age it’s important to keep up with the advances in technology that are changing the way companies interact with, and sell to, consumers.

New technologies haven’t just created whole new industries, products, and services, but also put more information and power in buyers’ hands than ever before. Today, consumers want to be able to pay for goods how, when, and where they choose to, as well as receive information that has been personally customized just for them.

The prevalence of smartphones, in particular, has really led to a variety of new marketing and sales techniques that are beneficial for both customers and businesses. Organizations can now make it easy for consumers to purchase at any location by using the best mobile credit card processing, as well as send customers specifically targeted information, rewards, tips and more.

If you want to get in on the mobile payments action, now is definitely the time. Read on for the lowdown on how you can best use smartphones and related apps in your business today.

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Responsive Design is 2013’s Web Design Trend

responsive web design

In a May 2013 webinar, Peter Goodman, VP of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, discussed the current state of advertising in the social media space. He took a look at the major advertising platforms on the leading social networks.

Goodman explained how social advertising is the hottest topic in advertising, forecasted to reach a $11 billion in the US by 2017, according to BIA/Kelsey in April 2013. He explained that one of the critical decisions for advertisers is what placements to select. Goodman has found that while desktop placements see an engagement of 1 to 3%, mobile placements see over 3% engagement. If you are a US advertiser, you also need to consider that  eMarketer, reported that in 2012, 62.2% of US Gen X-ers and 62.2% of US Millenials access the Internet from mobile devices monthly.

If you combine these two statistics, it becomes clear that any successful digital marketing strategy in the future needs to have a mobile component. So, this is why responsive design is 2013’s design trend.

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5 Ways to Integrate Mobile Devices at Your Enterprise

mobile device at enterprise

Smartphones and tablets are in the hands of more consumers every day. The days of leaving your work at home are long gone, but these devices bring home and work together like never before. Wi-Fi functionality makes them capable of connecting to your corporate network, making employees ever so much more productive.

It’s tempting to simply disallow such connections for security reasons, but with so many users – or when the user in question is a C-level executive – saying “no” isn’t always an option. Here are a few ways to let folks connect at work without creating dozens of security holes.

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