3 Examples of Auto Insiders Using Viral Videos to Market Cars

Viral videos, in spite of hitting the ceiling for time trending, have remained relevant because they are irresistible. Thus, when they are anything less than scintillating, a public bored with quick-fix features will instantly click-away. Within the auto industry, there are three leaders who have made a mark for themselves amongst social media experts, both for viral ingenuity and panache.

1. As a prelude to the release of the Prius plural, Toyota unveiled a snapshot of the car in a viral video of world-renowned Brazilian skater Bob Burnquist doing his thing. Though the video only showed the cargo space of the new Prius, a brief glimpse of the hood, and a distant view of the body, fans went wild for the teaser, which was perfectly framed by the professional athlete.

In the past, Toyota has been a big success with videos like the Swagger Wagon and Small Talk.

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