Getting More Out of Your IP Network with SIP Trunking

ip network sip trunking

At, we have discussed about VoIP smartphone apps quite a bit. While the use of these apps works quite well for personal use or even small business situations, they do not meet the necessary requirements of medium to large businesses. Larger scale businesses require communication solutions that are able to handle calls between locations with several extensions spread across large distances and power features such as negotiating capabilities and features among all session participants.

In this article we will discuss how you can get more out of your IP network through SIP trunking to save money and create opportunities for your communication channels today.

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Why Hosted PBX is a Good Investment

The Customer is King.

This business maxim has and always will be true.

When businesses start booming, the first thing to start lagging is customer service, which is quite a shame since word-of-mouth about poor customer service could kill a business overnight.

Even though email, social media and chat features are awesome tools to communicate with your customer, nothing beats actually talking directly with somebody over the phone.

However, in order to set up an efficient and effective customer call center for your business, you will need:  a closet-full of hardware on-site, a long-term contract with a premises-based PBX provider, and a big bankroll for monthly bills and, let’s not forget, upgrade bills once you outgrow your current system.

There’s a better and more cost-effective alternative to premises-based PBX: hosted PBX.

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