Turning Visitors into Customers: How to Persuade People to Submit Their Contact Details

boost conversion rateAn online business will not make a sale every time a visitor lands on their website. Should they just accept that and allow the visitor to leave, hoping that they may return at a later date and make a purchase? No. The business should be doing everything they can to persuade every visitor to submit contact details.

Why Are Contact Details Important?

A visitor that leaves a site without purchasing may return at a later date – or so the business hopes. There is no guarantee that this will occur and leaving things to chance is not good business strategy.

Persuading a visitor to leave contact details now, allows the business to treat the visitor as a potential sales target, almost as they had already made a sale and may be interested in future purchases.

Leaving contact details shows a mild interest. The visitor has stated that they wish to be contacted – this is a golden opportunity to gain their trust and gently persuade them to become a paying customer. Contact details provide a source for the business to keep customers up-to-date with new products and promotions.

How Can a Business Persuade Visitors to Submit Their Details?

If a business want a visitor to hand over their private contact details, the business is going to need to offer the visitor something valuable. This could be in the form of information, discount vouchers or free gifts.

The visitor may be interested in receiving a weekly newsletter, packed full of the latest industry information? Or they may want the 10-page free report that has the solution to a particular problem? Maybe free coupons would persuade them to return and make a purchase?

Basically, the business must have an offer that is of value to anyone that visits their website. If the offer is tempting enough, a visitor will gladly provide an email address, or a phone number, in order to receive the gift.

What Should a Business Do With These Details?

These contact details provide an invaluable pathway direct to the visitor. Whether the chosen path is email marketing, or telesales, the important point is that the business must keep in contact with the customer.

Taking email marketing as an example: If a visitor has submitted an email address; the first email should be a “thank you for joining our mailing list” correspondence. This email should provide details of how they can receive their free gift.

The following emails will contain valuable information related to the business and will go towards gaining the trust of the visitor. No attempt should be made to sell to a new subscriber. The idea is to coerce subscribers into viewing a business as reputable, helpful and as an expert in their field. Then, and only then, should a business start to send product offers and attempt to turn a subscriber into a customer.

Less Selling Means More Sales

This slow-approach technique is vital to successful subscriber marketing. If a business dives straight in and starts hard-selling to a subscriber, they will soon delete their subscription. The business has to give the subscriber a reason to keep receiving their emails and it does this by providing useful information.

Once the business has a subscriber’s trust; that subscriber is pre-sold and becomes a viable sales prospect. Even after a sale, the business can continue to provide quality correspondence, and turn the new customer into a long-term prospect that will continue to make regular purchases for some time to come.

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