Why Become a Web Hosting Reseller?

ResellingWeb hosting reselling entails renting a server from another web hosting company and leasing out bandwidth, hard disk space, and processing power to other customers at a lower rate. For example, if you need a private server to host your website yet you do not want to pay the price for one, you can lease out partitions of the hard drive and divisions of the bandwidth to other people and divide the cost of the whole server between them. As a business, the idea is to make a profit by leasing out the entire server to multiple clients until the cost is exceeded by the income.

An Alternative to Paying Clients

You don’t necessarily need your clients to pay you directly for their space. I’m sure you’re familiar with seeing advertisements on websites, and you’re most likely aware that those ads can be the primary source of income for a website or at least a significant source. In turn, you can place ads on the websites of people you host on your private server. Of course, no one would want to pay for space on a hosting reseller’s server when their page will have ads on it. Instead, you can offer a limited amount of space and bandwidth to your clients for free, and all of the traffic they receive to their websites will generate revenue for you, possibly more than if the clients were paying you!

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How WordPress Can Make Your Website More Manageable

wordpress logoFor many online marketers, there’s no web development platform that’s as user-friendly, valuable, and adaptable as WordPress. The standard content management system for millions of websites, WordPress is one of the most praised and appreciated online development platforms out there.

However, there are still thousands of online marketers out there that don’t understand, or don’t see value in, a WordPress-powered website. Call it ignorance if you will — although in many ways it’s not — but the lack of WordPress love amongst some marketing communities is just downright difficult to understand.

Luckily, it’s very possible to turn things around. Here are five great reasons to use WordPress as your development platform of choice, each geared around the platform’s simple manageability. If you’re sick and tired of coding, scanning, and finalizing HTML, these five reasons could be just what’s required to help you make the jump to WordPress.

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3 Trust-Building Factors That Improve Sales and Boost Profits

One of the most important aspects an online business can learn is that in order to increase sales and conversions, a website will need to gain the trust of a visitor. There is an immense amount of competition for any consumer looking to purchase online and often what will separate one website from another will not be price – it will be trust.

But how does a website build trust?

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Cloud Web Hosting: Benefits and Drawbacks

cloud computing[This article is written by Roko Nastic, writer and editor at Webmaster Format.]

Web hosting in the cloud. The term itself just sounds cool. But what’s the meat of the matter? When you examine the advantages offered by cloud hosting against its drawbacks, does the equation favor cloud web hosting, or are most websites served just as well by virtual private servers or even shared hosting?

First, a bit about cloud web hosting. Beyond the hype, what is cloud hosting? Imagine having access to all the processing power and bandwidth you require on demand, with your only limitations being the speed of your connection to the cloud and its available processing power. Combine that with metered billing so that you’re only charged for the resources you use, and you have a decent picture of what cloud hosting can do for your website. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? In many ways, it is, but there are a few drawbacks that make it unsuitable for certain environments. First, let’s look at its many benefits:

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Turning Visitors into Customers: How to Persuade People to Submit Their Contact Details

boost conversion rateAn online business will not make a sale every time a visitor lands on their website. Should they just accept that and allow the visitor to leave, hoping that they may return at a later date and make a purchase? No. The business should be doing everything they can to persuade every visitor to submit contact details.

Why Are Contact Details Important?

A visitor that leaves a site without purchasing may return at a later date – or so the business hopes. There is no guarantee that this will occur and leaving things to chance is not good business strategy.

Persuading a visitor to leave contact details now, allows the business to treat the visitor as a potential sales target, almost as they had already made a sale and may be interested in future purchases.

Leaving contact details shows a mild interest. The visitor has stated that they wish to be contacted – this is a golden opportunity to gain their trust and gently persuade them to become a paying customer. Contact details provide a source for the business to keep customers up-to-date with new products and promotions.

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