4 Key Factors to Rank High in Google

google pagerankYou may have read a lot about search engine optimization techniques, but they weren’t enough to take your website to a high rank in Google. Why? It is because they are not entirely complete. SEO experts do not usually divulge all the techniques, but they mention only those that are common. The most common techniques that we often hear are content creation and backlink building. They may seem easy at first glance, but there are actually more to them.

Here are are 4 key factors on how you can get hold of a good position in Google:

  1. Blog for Other Blogs. Aside from posting articles in your own blog, you can also write for other relevant blogs(guest blogging), just make sure that the contents that you’ll be producing are impressive and unique. Also, do not forget to post your link in all your articles. It is ideal to write one quality article in a day or three times a week for a month or two. This is already enough to get enough traffic and SEO backlinking to your website and get your business going.
  2. H2 Tags. If you prefer on-page optimization, then the use of h2 tags is a great SEO technique to utilize. Many website owners prefer to use H1 tags, but what they don’t know is that H2 tags are equally vital. This is an effective technique as long as you know exactly how it is implemented. Also note that using more than one instance of a H1 tag is not good for SEO.
  3. Link Submission to Link Directories.Another way to get Google’s vote is through link submissions. There are several link directories you can submit your link to, and they are really helpful in exposing your website to web users. Not only is this SEO technique effective, but it is also economical for your business because the service is totally free. If you do not have a talent for composing articles or enough time to exchange links, then this is the right technique for you. However, using this technique you will need you to create a significant amount of links daily.
  4. Participating in Forums. One of the easiest ways to obtain backlinks to your site is to try participating in forums that are related to your niche. In most forums, you are allowed to post your link in your signature and if other guests are interested in what you are promoting, they can always check out your link. However, do not sound like a salesman in forums.

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  1. Hi, the article starts nicely with bold claims. But in reality it was somehow just the repetition of common SEO techniques which any blog user will know. I don’t want to look harsh here, but except H2 tag importance not much has been said. Keep it up and do more research on SEO. Good luck.

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