What to Expect When Hiring a PPC Management Company

ppc management companyIf you are trying to decide whether to work with a PPC management company, you are probably preoccupied with one major factor: cost. PPC management fees vary greatly, however, and depend on a variety of factors. Obviously, if you launch your campaign without the expertise of a PPC management company, there will not be an additional fee for services, and, with that, your choice may seem obvious. If you are truly serious about the success of your PPC ads and are looking for significant results, however, a professionally developed and maintained PPC campaign is about more than just your initial spend.

What exactly can you expect for your money?

1. Professionally developed ads.

You know your business and spend plenty of time on the internet, so you know how to create the most effective PPC ads, right? Not necessarily. While some people may seem to have a knack for PPC, an actual PPC firm bases its choices on expertise and analytics, not guesswork. When you only have a limited number of characters, the right word or phrase could be the difference between a click or a pass. When you have the creative, marketing, and technological skill of an actual online advertising agency behind you, you are more likely to have the best possible ads.

2. Bid management.

PPC ads revolve around the bids you place on specific keywords. Some of those keywords can be quite pricey and are not necessarily worth the return. A PPC management company will manage your bids, advise you on what is worth investing a little extra into and what is not.

3. Keyword development.

It is difficult to separate some of these items out since keyword development goes hand-in-hand with professionally developed ads and bid management, but in essence, you are paying for someone not only to identify the most popular keywords, but also to discover the less obvious ones. Based on analysis and research, they can suggest keywords you have never thought of or tweak a phrase in an unexpected way. Everybody’s perspective is different, and when it comes to language, we can only predict what is in our frame of reference. One man’s soda is another man’s pop, which is another man’s tonic, which is yet another man’s coke. Basically, they do the heavy lifting for you and identify important keywords that you would not have suggested on your own, and tell you which keywords are not working for you, as well.

4. Data analysis.

Sure, you can pull up reports on your PPC ads, and you can probably extrapolate the important concepts, but will you capture the more subtle trends? Do you want to put in the time and energy it takes to apply what the data is telling you? Reading and contextualizing data is not for everyone, and if that is not your thing, chances are you would rather be devoting yourself to your actual business and spending any free time on your personal life, not your PPC campaign.

Next steps. If you do choose to work with professionals, hopefully they offer an integrated approach and provide SEO, website development, and social media services as well. Some of that knowledge will inform what they do with your PPC campaign, but it will also help you identify other areas for improvement. You want to make sure your PPC ads land on the most effective pages possible, and when you have an optimized website, your search engine ranking rises. Also, with mobile’s rising popularity, you want to be optimized not only for search engines but also for high-end mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Will you pay for these extra services? Of course, but investing in services that better your company is just as important as investing in the right materials or hiring the best personnel.

Deciding to hire a PPC management company often revolves around cost, but with a reputable firm, your PPC management fees will prove to be a worthwhile investment. To learn more visit wpromote.com

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