Facebook’s $5 billion IPO: By the numbers

facebook ipo$5 billion
Initial funding sought by Facebook, in one of the largest IPOs ever filed by a technology company

$75 to $100 billion
Estimated overall value of the social network — which may command “a valuation more than five times higher than Google Inc.,” says Bloomberg Businessweek.

$3.71 billion
Facebook’s annual revenue

Percentage of annual revenue in 2011 accounted for by advertising

Percentage of annual revenue in 2011 accounted for by Zynga, the third-party company responsible for the game FarmVille

$30.9 million
COO Sheryl Sandberg’s compensation for 2011

$18.65 million
CFO David Ebersman’s compensation for 2011

$1.49 million
CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s compensation for 2011

Mark Zuckerberg’s annual compensation starting 2013, “following his idol Steve Jobs,” says TechCrunch

Percentage of Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerberg; his personal worth could potentially grow to a “staggering” $24 billion

Initial investment by billionaire Peter Thiel in 2004 in exchange for 44.7 million shares

$2 billion
Potential value of Thiel’s shares post-IPO

$200 million
Potential payday for graffiti artist David Choe, who painted the interior of Facebook’s first headquarter for shares instead of “thousands of dollars,” says the New York Times

845 million
Active users on Facebook

425 million
Active monthly mobile users of Facebook products

2.7 billion
Average number of likes and comments per day

Sources: Bloomberg Businessweek, New York TimesTechCrunch, Reuters (2), USA Today, Wired

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Author: Damian Davila

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  1. Dear Damian Davila,
    Thanks for the info, I want to know in your viewpoint, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook is worth $two billion at age 25 presently, thats a 20% keeping of facebook’s $10 billion valuation he has, and I have a sensation that facebook will finally be value $50-100 billion upon the IPO, notably given that they are at all times creating new qualities to the site. What I’d like to know is if you consider that zuckerberg will come to be truly worth $10 billion by age 27, 28 or 29? What do you presume?
    Good Job!

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