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In July 2012, I was asked by Bloomberg Businessweek my opinion about the Twitter partnership with American Express to promote Twitter Ads to small businesses. Through this process I had the pleasure of meeting Carla Friday, Owner and Sr. Coordinator at Details Made Simple. She started advertising on Twitter in May 2012 and was pleased with the results she got. Here is my conversation with Carla on her company and her current marketing efforts.

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Carla Friday, Owner

1. Could you tell me more about your company? How did you get started? 

We specialize in wedding day coordination, which is perfect for the couple who has already planned the perfect event but needs an organized professional to come in and manage all of those already planned details. We make sure the day runs smoothly and go as planned. I started my company, Details Made Simple, in May of 2011 with the intentions of making a bride and grooms day stress-free and memorable. I have over 10 years of event planning experience and always loved all things wedding! So it was a natural fit and longtime dream of mine to start such a company.

2. What’s your main market?

My main market  of course is engaged couples of any age looking to enjoy themselves fully on their wedding day by leaving the details to us.

3. Had you been interested in advertising in Twitter before? Could you explain how did you find about Twitter Ads for small business?

Yes, I was. I have an extensive background in social media and I know the importance of having a social presence. At that point, I just had not gotten around to it. One of my coordinators mentioned that American Express was teaming up with Twitter to support small businesses by offering $100 in free advertising. Of course you had to be eligible by using AMEX for your business or accepting it. So I applied for the card and started using it for my business. Then the rest was history, let the ads begin!

4. What was the reaction of your team to this offer? Was there anybody against it?

I didn’t consult with my team first about it. However, I did mention it to them and told them the potential exposure we will gain and of course they were excited about that!

5. What were your objectives for your Twitter Ads?

Honestly, I didn’t go into this thinking, I’m going to get tons of bookings. But rather looking to gain followers, awareness to Details Made Simple and what we do, and just make a presence for myself and my company.

6. Did you use both the Promoted Tweet and Promoted Account products?

YES! And let me tell you, how well they both worked. To date (note from 07/25/12) since May 11, 2012, I have gained 25 new followers and 191 clicks off of promoted tweets. With this awareness, I felt that my following had increased greatly after.

7.  How often did you access the platform for tweaking your campaign?

I must say that I check my platform every day to see how it’s performing. It’s really interesting to see which tweets are getting the most attention and clicks.

8. What were the results?

As mentioned earlier, lots of new followers and clicks.

9. What were the characteristic of a promoted tweet that you found to gather the most clicks on Twitter Ads?

For me, the promoted tweets that got the most clicks were testimonies I posted or “shout out’s” to a bride and groom getting married that day. Also, when I re-posted about a DIY (do it yourself) projects from or

10. How would you rate your experience with Twitter Ads? Will you continue to use the platform?

Overall, I love what Twitter Advertising has done so far for my company. Even though my $100 in free ads has run out, I continued to keep it rolling as I believe that the return is worth the investment.

11. Do you have people specifically assigned to social media management?

Yes, ME! I have been running social media accounts for years at a previous company. I will say that I have a new project in the works, a Details Made Simple sister company, so stay tuned!

12. Has this event affected your social media strategy?

Yes, definitely. With seeing a return like I did, I have put more effort on posting on Twitter as much as I do on Facebook.

13. Based on this experience, what are your recommendations to small businesses interested in advertising in Twitter?

Yes! Try it out, you will see results. In fact, I will be offering services in the future that will help small business advertise with Twitter and other social media platforms.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.