5 Basic Rules of Promoting Amazon Affiliate Products Successfully

amazon affiliate program

amazon affiliate program

The biggest advantage of Amazon affiliate program is that you can choose whatever products you want to promote, in whatever niche you can imagine. Do you want to promote golf products? Do you want to promote weight loss products? Do you want to promote gadgets? You can do it all, since Amazon has a wide selection of products to promote. Whatever products you want to promote on Amazon.com, here are 5 basic rules of promoting Amazon affiliate products successfully.

1. Choose products with good reviews

Why you need to promote only products with good reviews? That’s because products with good reviews have good reputation and popularity. Lots of people bought the products and they’re satisfied with the products. Also, product page with good reviews will tend to convert better than product page with bad reviews or no reviews. That’s why this is the first rule that you need to follow in order to promote Amazon products successfully.

2. Choose products in bestseller category

amazon best sellerPeople will buy products that are popular. Usually, they will find bestseller products first before they decide to buy products on Amazon. They want to buy bestseller products because they know that those products are selling well, and people are keep buying those products. That’s why they want to become a part of the trend. Moreover, bestseller products are products that usually have proven high quality than new or non-bestseller products.

3. Choose products with 4.5-5 star rating

You need to choose products with 4.5 or 5 star rating on Amazon because you want to make sure that you’re promoting high quality products.

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¬†You don’t want to disappont your audience by recommending them products that have low quality. Amazon has thousands of high quality products for you to promote. So, don’t worry because you’ll always find the products that are good to promote.

4. Create reviews for your chosen products

What is the best way to promote Amazon products? Obviously, by writing product reviews. This is the most effective way to generate good conversion rate for your promotion. However, not all reviews are created equal. There are lazy marketers that don’t want to write more than 400 words review for their Amazon products. While this may sometimes generate good conversion, most of the time it will only disappoint you. If you want to write good Amazon product reviews, you have to make sure to write detailed review, complete with product images, for each product that you review.

5. Give comparison if necessary

The last thing is to give comparison for similar products. This is important to educate your audience about the product that you promote. The goal is to make them convinced that your product recommendation is the best choice for them. Comparison review is not necessary, but if you write comparison review along with regular review, it will significantly boost your conversion rate.


Those are 5 basic rules of promoting Amazon affiliate products successfully. Do you feel bored with promoting digital products from Clickbank? It’s time to go physical with Amazon affiliate program.

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