7 iPhone Apps To Pick The Best Make-Up

iphone apps for best make up

iphone apps for best make up

I have a full blown addiction with beauty products, but especially when it comes to cosmetics. I love makeup, and my bathroom is a testament to this fact. I have an entire storage cart with seven drawers, four of which are nothing but the various makeup items I have purchased over the years. I only use a small amount, and yet I can’t help but buy more when I see something I like on sale. I should probably go on Hoarders if they ever have a beauty edition.

But my obsession doesn’t stop there. Oh no, I also have apps on my phone to better help me select makeup that I don’t need. In fact, I have tried every one of the programs below, and I would recommend them all to other crazies out there that want to fuel their addiction on the go. Or just people who want some makeup advice…they are good for that, too.

1. LancĂ´me Makeup App

Lancome Makeup App

Want to discover new makeup trends or products? Feel a little bored with your current style and want to put together a new look for yourself? Lacome has created their own personal color palette to help you do just that. It even comes with advice from their panel of beauty experts. Be sure to check out the video tutorials that were created by blogger and beauty guru Michelle Phan..

2. Celebrity Makeup Looks

Celebrity Makeup Looks

Have you ever wanted to get the look sported by Adriana Lima? Taylor Momsen? Kim Kardashian? Lady Gaga? Now you can, with these 27 videos that take you through the process step by step. You can look like your favorite celebrity, as well as a few others, like Disney’s Princess Jasmine or an Egyptian Queen.

3. Barry M Lookz

Barry M Lookz

Need a new look? Let Barry M help you out. Popular online style experts gathered to create this comprehensive makeup tutorial app. They help you figure out the basics of new techniques, then show you makeup tutorials in categories like Bollywood, Celebrity, Goth, Emo, Catwalk and more. They even take requests via email for new tutorials to add to the app!

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4. Beauty Product Reviews

Beauty Product Reviews

It used to be that you have limited choices for your cosmetics. Stores nearby would only carry a couple of brands, and items were regularly discontinued in order to make way for new products that had to be switched out due to limited shelf space. But that isn’t the case anymore, with online shopping giving us access to any brand from around the world. So, with so much choice, how do we pick the best one for us? This app has you covered, with reviews and ratings on more than 45,000 products so far.

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5. MakeUp


Easily see how you would look with new makeup and hairstyles. Just take a photo, load it up on their virtual makeover system and use their one-touch technology to apply different effects. Lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, blush, hair dye, styles…it is all available. The technology on this one is much better than other apps I have seen, and it is probably the most popular beauty app on the web.

6. SkinMatch


I hate buying foundation. I have an olive skin tone, and naturally it is around a fawn/natural beige. But in the winter it is slightly lighter due to lack of sunlight, and in summer it is several shades darker thanks to tanning. This means I never know what color foundation I need, or what brand covers me best. So I turn to this app, which allows me to take a picture of my face and them matches my skin tone to the best foundation color and brand. Very handy, and easy to use. It is also very accurate.

7. Cosmetifique


A couple of years ago I was in a store I didn’t usually shop in, and came across a brand of makeup I had never heard of. But it looked interesting, and the price was pretty average. I decided to check out their loose powder, as I am always happy to buy more makeup I don’t need. While normally it would have gone into my never ending cosmetics drawer, I wanted to try it out. Which was a big mistake, as I promptly broke out in a terrible rash that made me miserable for weeks. It turned out that the brand was a knockoff, despite the price, and used a chemical ingredient that was horrible for sensitive skin like mine. That is why I got this app, which breaks down the ingredients of different beauty products to keep you from suffering the same fate.

Do you know of any good beauty and makeup apps? Let us know in the comments!

About the author: Jessy is the health blogger at Chick and Fit.

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