How to Use Powerful Content to Snare New Customers

powerful content

powerful content

Great content is an asset to any website.  However do you really understand how to best use content to attract customers?  I know how hard it can be to earn money online no matter how much time and effort you put into creating fantastic websites.

Strategic Thinking

Money is not easy to attract online and you will most likely have a lot of competition in busy marketplaces.  Even with the best content in the world it can be difficult to converting browsers into customers.  There is no point having great content on your website if you are not getting the benefits from the conversion rates.

This means you need to invest in strategic planning when it comes to content marketing. People need to know how to find your website and what benefits they can get when they have arrived.  Basically content needs to sell your products and services every step of the way to get your conversion rates moving.


All types of selling boil down to one single element– persuasion.  You need to think of your content in terms of marketing and come up with powerful ways you can make content persuasive.   However this does need to be subtle persuasion. Being too obvious when it comes to selling your product and services can really turn your browsers off.  People don’t want to just hear about how amazing what you are selling is, but also what benefits it can offer them.

Make it Special for your Customers

I work hard to make sure my content is that little bit more special.  This takes more time and effort so it can pay to outsource this task to professional SEO copywriting teams.  They will ensure that every word of your content is geared towards selling your website and snaring new customers.

  • There are many techniques I use to make content on my website more special.
  • Whitepapers and special reports are great as they add an informative and expert edge to the information I am providing to my customers.
  • Whitepapers and special reports can help to reinforce the benefits of your products and services and convince people why they should part with their money.
  • I also offer comprehensive tutorials for my products.  For this I use a combination of video tutorials and downloadable user guides.
  • It took more resources to provide these extensive tutorials but this really does offer my browsers something that little bit more special.
  • Many potential customers will want to find out as much about the product and services as possible before they buy.
  • With video tutorials they can see my products in action and also learn more about just how suitable they can be for specific purposes.
  • These comprehensive tutorials provide a great service to my customers and offer powerful and persuasive content that regularly snares new traffic to my site.
  • I also like to raise questions that I think might be relevant to my potential customers and answer them.
  • This is a technique I find very beneficial in my onsite blog.  In blog posts I will raise a question in the headline and then answer it throughout the follow content.
  • For example I could pose the question ‘Debt Holding You Back? Break the Cycle Now’ and then provide solutions using the relevant products/services I have available.
  • This really works to get the reader into a receptive state of mind so that they can receive the sales message I am trying to communicate and act on it.

You need powerful content on your website but it also needs to be that little bit more special.  By offering something more you can entice new traffic to your website and convert browsers into customers.

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