How to Use Twitter in a Marketing Campaign

This is a question that I get on a daily basis.

Everybody wants to know the answer.

Here’s an excellent example of how to use Twitter efficiently and effectively in a marketing campaign.

Note: screen shots were taken by Amit Gupta from Photojojo. He’s  an amazing entrepreneur and all-around-nice guy that I had the pleasure of meeting back in my iLovePhotos days. Here’s a great interview with Amit that I edited.

Twitter Marketing Campaign from MacHeist

From Wikipedia: MacHeist is a website that resells Mac OS X shareware. The site has become known for its marketing tactics. These tactics include challenges (or “heists”) that entitle successful customers to free software licenses and/or discounts, as well as the concept of selling software in a bundle that increases in size as more customers purchase the bundle. The site was founded by John Casasanta, Phillip Ryu, and Scott Meinzer.

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