Stoli Debuts Wild Cherri Vodka

Stoli logoOn October 2010, Stolichnaya, a pioneer in the flavored vodka category, introduced Stolichnaya Wild Cherri, the twelfth flavor in the brand’s vodka portfolio (the other flavors are Ohranj, Blueberi, Razberi, Vanil, Citros, Cranberi, Peachik, Strasberi, Blakberi, Gala Applik and White Pomegranik).

Created from the natural flavor of the wild cherry varietal and years in the making, Stoli Wild Cherri is naturally flavored with the purest of refined fruit extracts.

Print ads for Stoli Wild Cherri feature actress Julia Stiles, who debuted as the second Stoli Original this past July 2010 (the first Stoli Original was Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner), and urge consumers to “Live a life of flavor.”

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How to Lose Your Twitter Followers in 5 Easy Steps

how to lose twitter followers in 5 easy steps

Twitter has proven itself a massively successful social media tool both for recreational and professional networking use. Equally as popular these days with businesses as celebs, the site has exploded into unprecedented popularity over the last 18 months.

But it’s not quite as simple as just logging on, typing up a short message about what breakfast cereal you’re having and then finding instant micro-blogging success. Nope! Gathering followers takes patience and a little imagination with those ‘Tweets’. However, there are plenty of hints and tips blog posts around for those looking for a little advice on getting people following them. I’m going to take a slightly different angle with this post and aim it at those who are feeling a little ‘social media suicidal’ and want to get rid of all their followers!

Yes, here’s exactly how to lose your followers in 5 easy steps!

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How to Use Twitter in a Marketing Campaign

This is a question that I get on a daily basis.

Everybody wants to know the answer.

Here’s an excellent example of how to use Twitter efficiently and effectively in a marketing campaign.

Note: screen shots were taken by Amit Gupta from Photojojo. He’s  an amazing entrepreneur and all-around-nice guy that I had the pleasure of meeting back in my iLovePhotos days. Here’s a great interview with Amit that I edited.

Twitter Marketing Campaign from MacHeist

From Wikipedia: MacHeist is a website that resells Mac OS X shareware. The site has become known for its marketing tactics. These tactics include challenges (or “heists”) that entitle successful customers to free software licenses and/or discounts, as well as the concept of selling software in a bundle that increases in size as more customers purchase the bundle. The site was founded by John Casasanta, Phillip Ryu, and Scott Meinzer.

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