How to Download and View your Twitter Archive

twitter archive

On December 19, 2012 Twitter introduced the ability to download your Twitter archive, so you’ll get all your Tweets (including Retweets) going back to the beginning. Once you have your Twitter archive, you can view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets with certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. You can even engage with your old Tweets just as you would with current ones.

Because the feature is available only to a small subset of users, there’s a chance you won’t see the button yet.

Here is how to download your Twitter archive.

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Stoli Debuts Wild Cherri Vodka

Stoli logoOn October 2010, Stolichnaya, a pioneer in the flavored vodka category, introduced Stolichnaya Wild Cherri, the twelfth flavor in the brand’s vodka portfolio (the other flavors are Ohranj, Blueberi, Razberi, Vanil, Citros, Cranberi, Peachik, Strasberi, Blakberi, Gala Applik and White Pomegranik).

Created from the natural flavor of the wild cherry varietal and years in the making, Stoli Wild Cherri is naturally flavored with the purest of refined fruit extracts.

Print ads for Stoli Wild Cherri feature actress Julia Stiles, who debuted as the second Stoli Original this past July 2010 (the first Stoli Original was Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner), and urge consumers to “Live a life of flavor.”

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Twitter’s Biz Stone on Stolichnaya Vodka Ads

Stolichnaya Vodka’s new ad campaign features the tagline “Would you have a drink with you? and has featured celebrities such as Hugh Hefner and Julia Stiles.

Now, Stolichnaya Vodka is going geek with an ad that stars Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Twitter Biz Stone Stoli ad

How something like #NewTwitter can destroy the integrity of an innocent human being

Marsy, author of Giddy Fingers, presents you with a real life story
of how #NewTwitter almost ruined her life.

I was a happy person back in 2008 when I didn’t have too
many things to think about.

new twitter giddy fingers

That being until my dog mentioned a new social
networking platform that was quickly making an impression
on the way the world wrote about things…

new twitter giddy fingers

Which led me to ponder a thought I should never have

new twitter giddy fingers

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How to Lose Your Twitter Followers in 5 Easy Steps

how to lose twitter followers in 5 easy steps

Twitter has proven itself a massively successful social media tool both for recreational and professional networking use. Equally as popular these days with businesses as celebs, the site has exploded into unprecedented popularity over the last 18 months.

But it’s not quite as simple as just logging on, typing up a short message about what breakfast cereal you’re having and then finding instant micro-blogging success. Nope! Gathering followers takes patience and a little imagination with those ‘Tweets’. However, there are plenty of hints and tips blog posts around for those looking for a little advice on getting people following them. I’m going to take a slightly different angle with this post and aim it at those who are feeling a little ‘social media suicidal’ and want to get rid of all their followers!

Yes, here’s exactly how to lose your followers in 5 easy steps!

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What Twitter Users Want

twitter birdWhat do Twitter users want?

From obsessed Tweeterers to so called Twitter socialites to marketers, everybody wants to find out what is popular on Twitter right now.

Finally, thanks to Chitika, Inc. they all can put down the magical 8-ball and have some guidelines.

Who is Chitika?

Founded in 2003, Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka), is a full-service on-line advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 80,000 websites.

How did Chitika find out what Twitter users want?

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Tweet me this, tweet me that…

For how long will Twitter survive?

That is one major question to tackle. And the guys at TechCrunch are surely busy trying to give the best possible answer.

After all, they do have the staff and the inside information available for the job.

Wait a minute…what inside information?

Twitter2019s Financial Forecast Shows First Revenue In Q3, 1 billion users in 2013

According to Michael Arrington on July 14, 2009:

The guy (”Hacker Croll”) who claims to have accessed hundreds of confidential corporate and personal documents of Twitter and Twitter employees, is releasing those documents publicly and sent them to us earlier today. The zip file contained 310 documents, ranging from executive meeting notes, partner agreements and financial projections to the meal preferences, calendars and phone logs of various Twitter employees.

My personal favorite is this spreadsheet with cash flow and revenue analysis from Twitter, here’s a peak:

Twitter2019s Financial Forecast Shows First Revenue In Q3, 1 billion users in 2013

Earlier this April 2009, eMarketer calculated that Twitter would have 12.1 million US adult users in 2009 and 18.1 million in 2010.

The Inside Numbers on Twitter - eMarketer

The 18.1 million number for 2010 appears to be far smaller than the one from the confidential Twitter documents that TechCrunch claims to have in its power because they estimate the Twitter population at a 100 million.  (Note: Twitter’s USA population represents about 40% of its total population.)

The Harvard School of Business points out another problem for Twitter, there is growth in quantity of users, not in quality.  People are just not tweeting:

The Inside Numbers on Twitter - eMarketer

While some people find Twitter highly addictive (myself included), since Oprah, Ashton & Co. have joined in, everybody knows that soon Mom and Dad will be joining and Twitter could become…so 2009!….next year.

Maybe. Maybe not.

What do you think?

Viral marketing

Take a look at the AARRR model from Dave McClure and tell me what you think is the hardest step?

The AARRR Model from Dave McClure (Master of 500 Hats)
The AARRR Model from Dave McClure (Master of 500 Hats)

I asked this same question to a class of MBA students here at the Shidler College of Business and the answer of choice was the last step:  Revenue.

Yes, conversion is very, very hard to do.  However, I think that what my MBA colleagues missed is that you cannot get to the Revenue step without Retention and Referral.  Even though viral marketing only appears under the Referral step, I have found from my personal experience that viral marketing involves both Referral and Retention.

The current state-of-the-art of Acquisition is so advanced that acquiring users (more than 30 seconds on your site and at leat 2-3 pageviews) is relatively easy.


There are plenty of techniques (refer to the orange square above) that are pretty effective of practicing interruption marketing (as Seth Godin calls it and he provides quite a sad example of it).  A highly effective of acquiring customers is through Facebook Advertising, if you want to find out more about it read this post on how to target your audience using Facebook Advertising.

Currently web marketers are masters of the Acquisition step and MBA students (future web marketers) are focusing on finding out how to excel at the Revenue step.  The best example of this sad business model is the thought that Twitter is a Cash Cow in the Making (derive a funny @name, horde tons of followers, and reap the CPC rewards).  In a nutshell, the thought is that Retention and Referral are going to happen automatically somehow in any startup model.  During the dot-com era, and some still today, Internet startups fail to understand that the most common source of failure for startups is a lack of customers and not a lack of product development.  Often startups are good at managing its product development, but terrible at managing its customer development.

The gold (a.k.a traction or conversion) is to develop effective, scalable, contagious, ADDICTIVE Retention and Referral steps.

Viral marketing is essential for the success of any business enterprise.  Word-of-mouth beats any marketing concoction any given day.

Really good examples of viral marketing are:

1. Photojojo’s Scavenger Hunt: This little forum post has created 504 responses from Photojojo’s readers.  It is a very, very simple idea, yet very, very, very A-D-D-I-C-T-I-V-E.


2. Sprout widgets: I am big fan of Sprout because it allows you to tell a story and then that story can be shared with others.  Here is my stab at creating a Sprout widget for iLovePhotos.  This little widget can be found in various places of Facebook and I have found that people see it as a little pin of support for a little startup from Hawaii.  You can found our widget at Bacon Lettuce Photo – The iLovePhotos Blog.

3. Blogs that instead of being e-mail are ME-mail: the perfect example is Flickr.  This should not be a surprise but it is still a very hard idea to push.  Instead of telling people how great your company and product are, you should be telling your users how awesome they are.  Build a tribe (another Seth Godin term) that is about making feel your users good.


Retention and Referral are hard to achieve and there is no magical sure-shot way to do it.  I hope that this post gets you thinking about their importance.