How something like #NewTwitter can destroy the integrity of an innocent human being

Marsy, author of Giddy Fingers, presents you with a real life story
of how #NewTwitter almost ruined her life.

I was a happy person back in 2008 when I didn’t have too
many things to think about.

new twitter giddy fingers

That being until my dog mentioned a new social
networking platform that was quickly making an impression
on the way the world wrote about things…

new twitter giddy fingers

Which led me to ponder a thought I should never have

new twitter giddy fingers

Soon enough I had Twitter all figured out and by 2009 I was a
whole new person:

new twitter giddy fingers

And thus Twitter became my middle name. We got married
and I moved into Twittersphere (please note I even
re-decorated my wall paper). Everything was simply
awesome and dandy.


The following year a titillating piece of information was
revealed to me, again:

new twitter giddy fingers

Immediately I ran to my laptop, fired up Twitter and dribbled
with anticipation!

new twitter giddy fingers

But the excitement was short lived…

new twitter giddy fingers

Even though I was practically Twitter’s wife, the bastard was
going to make me wait!

A week later…

new twitter giddy fingers

As time passed by a few flies accumulated and there was a
pong in the air. I had become a prisoner to my refresh
button which I had pressed so many times I had erased the
‘F5’ from the keyboard. But still I pressed it aimlessly
wishing with all my might that the new Twitter would show

When all of a sudden!

new twitter giddy fingers

Could it be?

new twitter giddy fingers

And just like that, out of the blue and for what seemed like an
eternity the new Twitter came to me. Phew! I could finally get
my life back on track; all I would need to do now is figure out
how to use it. Surely, if it took so long to come to me it must
be because it’s AMAZING.

But then…

new twitter giddy fingers

Followed by…

new twitter giddy fingers

And that’s how the all #NewTwitter destroyed my integrity.

Marsy is the author of Giddy Fingers which is not only a blog but a secret weapon against stress, boredom, brittle nails and other conundrums. Do you like cartoons, monkeys and bacon? Then you’ll like this blog.

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9 thoughts on “How something like #NewTwitter can destroy the integrity of an innocent human being”

  1. sad story, I take it you had many followers? does twitter have a way to backup settings? It should.

  2. I did eventually get back most of my followers back, but it took a good few days which caused me to squirm and shift uncomfortably. The new Twitter hasn’t been very nice. In fact it has been damn confusing lol but I guess with all new things we must learn to adapt and accept and when we finally get our heads round it, an even newer version comes out and ruins it for us. It’s like a sneaky technological circle.

  3. Damian: The dog not only talks but is also technologically savvy. Unfortunately there’s only one around and it’s all mine. You can baby sit for him though if you like 🙂

    Patricia: oldies & technology = chalk & cheese = oh dear!

  4. How unbearable life must have been before twitter came about. The anguish and anxiety one was tormented with, knowing there were dogs out there eating their own puke and not getting a first hand tweet on it.

  5. Damian: His name is Dexter and he is one awesome pooch! I will see if I can clone just in time for Christmas for you 🙂

    Hans: glad you see what we have all come to, exciting isn’t it?

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