Kickass User Interfaces for Mobile Devices

user interfaces for mobile devices

57.6% of Baby Boomers, 62.2% of Gen Xers, and 63.2% of Millenials in the United States used mobile devices to access the web in 2012, according to eMarketer. The mobile Internet population is sizeable and rapidly growing across all age groups. A key driver for mobile Internet use is email access. Email technology provider Return Path found 88% of mobile phone users checked their email via a handheld device daily.

If you combine these statistics, it becomes clear that savvy businesses need to properly address the needs of those mobile visitors. While I have discussed thoroughly about responsive design, in this article I want to touch on two kickass user interfaces for mobile devices.

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Manage Your Online Reputation in Multiple Languages

foreign languagesE-marketers are now more aware than ever of the difference that a good online reputation can make. To create and manage your web reputation, you need to get involved in digital spaces, communicating with existing and potential customers and, just as importantly, listening to what people say about your products or services.

English is not Enough

For businesses hoping to expand into markets overseas, naturally, you’d also want to manage that precious online reputation in languages other than English to claim your stake in foreign-language online spaces and garner feedback about your brand. After all, only one in almost five of all internet users is a native English speaker, so if you’re only communicating in English, you’re missing out on a large market.

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User Interface Design: Some Simple Tips

podiumUI design can be a big hit or miss. Often times we try to go for form over function, without really thinking about what the user wants and need.

Sure, flashy flash websites are awesome, but what happens when the load time is 30 seconds? What happens when a user comes to your site and watches the flash intro, but loses interest and doesn’t proceed any further because they weren’t on an informational landing page?

What happens when you launch contests that have confusing and dizzying design where the user can’t understand what to do or where to go?

Let’s take apart a website that recently launched a user powered tournament. They have a very unique tournament system- not replicated at this moment by any other site- that allows users to vote on matchups through 6 rounds of voting- til they get to the final round.

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