How to check if your Google Analytics is installed properly

google analyticsInstalling the Google Analytics code into your website is simple as I showed earlier on the post about how to install Google Analytics a a real state brokerage website. This clear step-by-step guide can be applied to any kind of website.

Why do we need to check if Google Analytics is installed properly?

Because you might be missing on key analytics data from your site!

Consider this discussion thread recently posted at the Google Analytics group in LinkedIn:

The page in question is

The purpose of the web site is to generate sales leads. This company sells IT products to the business community. According to one of the partners of Contek Office Technologies Inc, the page was averaging 150 visitors before (time frame not specified) and it suddenly dropped to less than 10.

What went wrong?

  • Failed marketing efforts?
  • Contek Office Technologies’ products suck?
  • Need to rethink the website’s funnel strategy?

None of the above!

Using the SiteScan tool from EpikOne, available at,it was very easy to find out that the Contek’s website did not have the Google Analytics correctly installed throughout the whole website.  Only 63% of the website pages were tagged correctly with the Google Analytics code.

The sales and marketing team were updating the content of the website so often (at least once a week) that they forgot to make sure that the Google Analytics was installed properly.

Conclusion and Takeaway

Make sure your Google Analytics code is installed properly!

All it takes is your website’s home page URL and an e-mail address to use the SiteScan free tool at  You will receive an e-mail confirming the status of your tracking code, also you will be able to download a report in CSV format (that means you can open it with Microsoft Excel).

If your Google Analytics code is installed properly, it should look like this:

Author: Damian Davila

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