4 Steps to Get Rid of Twitter Spam

get rid of twitter spam

get rid of twitter spamOn the past 2 weeks, I have received a lot of Twitter direct messages (DMs) with offers about “making money with Google” or “make $500 a day online”.

It appears that I am not the only one.

These Twitter direct messages are not only annoying but they kill in less than a second all the reputation that we took so hard to build through our tweets.

4 Steps To Get Rid of Twitter Spam

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account at http://twitter.com/login

Step 2: Go to http://twitter.com/account/connections. Here you will see all the applications that have access to your account.

For example:

Step 3: Review all the applications that have access to your Twitter account and revoke access from those that you don’t recognize.  Rule of thumb: if you take more than 3 seconds to recognize the application, revoke access anyway. If it happens to be a legitimate application that you use on a regular basis, the application will ask you again for access the next time you use it.

Step 4: Change your Twitter password. Yes, it sucks, just do it.  A small price to pay now for a better life without Twiter spam in the future.

You’re done! Give yourself a hug!

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11 thoughts on “4 Steps to Get Rid of Twitter Spam”

  1. A very big thank you!!! I was wondering how to switch off one of the app that annoyed me by sending txt messages day and night. Now I have a solution! Thank you again.

  2. Hi everyone,

    The above advice is not working for me anymore 🙁 I have revoked the access to one of the apps (Twibes it is called I think) and it stopped for a while. but now it is flooding my inbox again and it is not on the list under Connections tab either! How do I stop this junk? Any ideas?



  3. Hi Sherzod,

    Sorry to hear about your Twitter blues. Did you change the password as well? Some malicious developers do keep a database of usernames and passwords, so it is important to change your Twitter login data also. Please let me know, if it works.

    – Damian

  4. This doesn’t really address the problem. DM spam comes from people you are following. Deleting connections to malicious sites you’ve allowed to access your account will stop them from spamming your timeline while pretending to be you, but will not stop the spam that other users send to you via DM. The best defense is to (1) only connect to trusted sites via OAuth, so they never get your username and password, and (2) block everyone who sends you DM spam.

  5. Twitter Fail: If everybody followed these 4 steps, then nobody would receive DM spam. However, if you happen to follow somebody that just gives access to all kinds of developers (without even knowing their software) then, yes he/she will send you DM spam, without even knowing.

    Therefore, it’s a good idea to share these steps with those people so that they stop sending DM spam. Most DM spam happens without the originator knowing.

  6. hey thankyou very much this advice has worked great for me it has stopped the messages. Thankyou once again

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