5 Group Buying Sites to Stalk

group buyingGroup buying sites are becoming a popular online destination for many shoppers. The range of offers and deals mean that consumers can save on a number of different products and experiences. If you are looking to find a new online site where you can access a plethora of discounts, you should visit the below sites and start saving money – there’s something for everyone in all of these.

Parents Deals

Parents Deals is a website that offers discounts for people who are on the way to, already started, or have growing families. The site offers savings on products from brands that they trust and recommend for parents with no tipping point, like Groupon or LivingSocial.


Groupon was one of the first websites to capitalize on the growing niche of online customers who want to receive group savings on purchases. The site offers a variety of deals on one condition, that enough people sign up for them–if the deal gets the required number of users, the discount becomes valid. The site profits by bankrolling a portion of the cash that consumers pay for the voucher.


JDeal is a similar site to Groupon, except for one key difference–it specializes in products aimed at the Jewish market. Deals offered include Kosher foods and events that cater to a Jewish audience. One experience that frequently appears on the site, and can be acquired cheaply, is a night at a comedy club that serves Kosher food and drinks.

Green Deals

Also following the Groupon business model, Green Deals claims to offer deals that are environmentally friendly. Firms that provide discounts on the site all meet strict standards for eco-friendly practices and corporate social responsibility, while the site itself also offers tips for users on how they can individually protect the environment.

Plum District

Plum District features deals that specifically cater to mothers. However, the site also offers a unique scouting and referral fee for customers who wish to take part. Moms can individually approach companies and vendors and ask them to provide a deal for the site. If the voucher is taken up by enough people and the discount goes through, that person then earns a percentage of the money made.

This means that a lot of local businesses achieve exposure on the site as contributing moms tend to approach firms in their local area.


The group discount site is a business model that is growing as more firms begin to see its potential.

Which one will you use first?

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