How to Easily Remove Any Facebook Application

remove facebook appFacebook, center of the online universe. As the single most popular social networking website ever created, it has become a major hub for communication between friends, family, colleagues and even strangers from across the world. It has also become a major place for quizzes, gaming and other fun little activities that are easy to find anywhere on the site.

But what happens when you use an application and you don’t like it? Maybe it turns out to have spyware attached, or gives your personal details to third parties. Or you just don’t use something anymore, such as Farmville or Vampires or any other popular Facebook game. Whatever the reason, you aren’t stuck with it on your profile forever (thankfully). You can easily remove it, and get rid of all updates. You can even get rid of the requests from friends.

Here’s how to get rid of any Facebook Application.

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