How to Easily Remove Any Facebook Application

remove facebook app

Facebook, center of the online universe. As the single most popular social networking website ever created, it has become a major hub for communication between friends, family, colleagues and even strangers from across the world. It has also become a… Continue Reading

How to Get Started with Social Media Advertising

So many social media options, so little time.  The rapid rise of social media has allowed skillful individuals to reach thousands of others at little or no cost other than manpower and wit. However, as more and more people join… Continue Reading

Mark Zuckerberg on Oprah

Mark created a foundation—Startup: Education—with an initial gift of $100 million to improve educational opportunities for young people in America. The foundation’s first project will support Governor Christie and Mayor Booker’s bipartisan initiative to ensure every school-aged child in Newark… Continue Reading

How Facebook Does E-mail Newsletters III

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Is Facebook the Right Marketing Channel for You?

For a while organizations hesitated to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. A couple brave organizations ventured into creating a Facebook Profile, Group or Page to manage its online presence on this social network. However nowadays everybody and, even your mother,… Continue Reading

Facebook Pages Stats and Updates

At the end of February 2009, Facebook launched Facebook Pages as a way to allow businesses and brands to strengthen their online image on Facebook and increase their potential interaction with Facebook users. A Facebook Page looks very much like… Continue Reading

How Facebook Does E-mail Newsletters II

In October 2009, we analyzed an e-mail newsletter from Facebook titled Ads Manager Announcement that was directed to the  Facebook Ads users. This newsletter is a great example of how to implement permission marketing, how to avoid the brochure mentality,… Continue Reading