Rumors on Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3

iphone and ipadiPad 2s and iPhone 4s are flying off shelves, but Apple is not going to leave all of 2011 to two single product releases. Rumors have begun sprouting up from all over the world, further pushed along by Apple’s purchase of a large supply of processors, displays, and other technology components. This has many specialists asking, when are iPad 3s and iPhone 5s going to be seen on store shelves? The answer may make technology fans from around the world excited for this coming holiday season.

Many of these rumors have sprouted up throughout Southeast Asia, within hundreds of companies that manufacture hardware for Apple products. Due to a large increase of purchases on top of the generic supplies for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, it has many people beginning to ask questions and make guesses. Most are beginning to believe that the release of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will be announced as soon as September 2011 and may be fully released by October or November of 2011.

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What’s Delaying the White iPhone 4

white iphoneThis is one of the main questions of many Mac-heads and technology analysts.

Apple previously scheduled the release of a white iPhone 4 for this summer 2010 through various promotional products but there has been a recent announcement from Apple HQ that the release has now been delayed until “later in 2010”.

Secretiveness among the Apple ranks is not anything new but the sudden delay is making some tech critics suspicious.

What could be the reasons in the delay of the white iPhone 4?

Here are 3 possible reasons.

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