What’s Delaying the White iPhone 4

white iphoneThis is one of the main questions of many Mac-heads and technology analysts.

Apple previously scheduled the release of a white iPhone 4 for this summer 2010 through various promotional products but there has been a recent announcement from Apple HQ that the release has now been delayed until “later in 2010”.

Secretiveness among the Apple ranks is not anything new but the sudden delay is making some tech critics suspicious.

What could be the reasons in the delay of the white iPhone 4?

Here are 3 possible reasons.

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Is the iPhone 4 Apple’s Vista?

apple iphone 4 death gripApple’s iPhone 4 just can’t catch a break.

Even though the iPhone 4 had record pre-orders and orders that ended in record sales and excellent initial reviews, recent media coverage has focused on the phone’s “death grip”: a reception problem triggered by touching its antenna as pictured on the left.

To add insult to injury, Microsoft executive Kevin Turner says Apple’s latest smartphone release could fail, just like his own company’s Windows Vista.

Let’s analyze what are the iPhone 4’s current problems.

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WordPress Blog Stats, iPhone and Literature Review

From my last post, I got the attention from the WordPress staff! : )

Not to worry, I still love WordPress!  I just wish that the WordPress Blog Stats where as detailed as the Google Analytics.  One of my main complains is that the graphs are flash (opposed to JPEG, GIF, etc) and I cannot copy them here that easily.

Let’s take a look at the WordPress Blog Stats below from idaconcpts.com for the period between 08-06-08 and 08-13-08:


idaconcpts.com WordPress Blog Stats as of 08-13-08
idaconcpts.com WordPress Blog Stats as of 08-13-08


I apologize for the messiness.  Here are the main giveaways:


  • Flickr and Google are key search terms that drive readers to this blog.  Writing about those two companies should spark more interest about this blog.
  • If a reader arrives to my page, there is a high probability that he/she will check the “About the author” section.  It is the most popular page.  Caveat:  it is quite possible that most of these views happened on 08-06-08 when idaconcpts.com went live and in that day there was only one post and the “About the author” page.
  • I really need to work on making my articles more interesting, because I only had 9 views on the last 2 days (yes, the 13th is not done yet but this is the data so far!).
In more commercial news, today I got an 8GB iPhone 3G and I am really excited!  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to play around with it and download a couple of applications.  A colleague is developing a Hawaiian-themed game that he will put online.  It looks pretty darn good!  Will keep you posted both on my iPhone shenanigans and my colleague’s iPhone game launch.
Last night I received the following books from Amazon.com:
The Four Steps to the EpiphanyBook Cover
I am really excited and looking forward to review these books.  Blank’s work guides how I approach online users and has converted me 100% to the Customer Development Process.  Then, I want to review Clifton’s work to get a better understand of web metrics with Google Analytics.  Finally, I will literally follow Avinash’s book an hour a day to improve my understanding of web analytics.
Have a great day and now…get back to make some more money! : )
Dinner at Nagoya, Japan on 03/08/08
Dinner at Nagoya, Japan on 03/08/08