Top 3 Tips To Make Your E-Newsletter A Success

If you want people to actually read your e-newsletter instead of deleting it from their inbox, you need to make it worth their time. You need to provide a valuable and useful gift.  That means NO “free” white papers on “how to make make your Twitter account reach 10,000 followers”. Make good use of the law of reciprocity and provide something really useful and free to your e-mail recipients.

What kind of rewards can you give? Shutterfly’s Wink is the king of e-mail newsletters that include a freebie. Wink offers readers 2 free photo strip credits on most of its email newsletters. Although Shutterfly is a for-profit business, nonprofits can easily follow their lead. Provide a product or service that your customers, clients and volunteers would find interesting. Provide a carrot that is truly valuable and reinforce to your readers how much they can achieve through your gift.

Here are the top 3 tips to make your e-newsletter a success:

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6 Ways To Ensure SEO and User Satisfaction with Your Content

customer satisfaction surveyIt’s a thin line to walk between ensuring search engine optimization and keeping your readers satisfied with your content.

If your content awkwardly uses SEO keywords you can easily turn off your readers.

Also, too many SEO keywords can hurt your ranking on Google and other search engines as well.

Follow these six tips to help your content maintain the balance between marketable and valuable.

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